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Nov 11, 2007 04:27 PM

Malo's in Silverlake?

I really enjoyed their braised chicken tacos and the burnt habanero and creme salsa. My question--I only ate in the bar--what is the dining room like? Is it usually really crowded on the weekends? I want to take my husband there but don't want to fight the crowds.

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  1. It depends on what time you go -- not very crowded before 8, pretty crowded between 8 and 10. Also depends on the weather since if it's nice, many people will choose the patio, especially with the Silver Lake crowd which is smoker-intensive. I'm sure they have heaters on the patio, too.

    1. it's really crowded on the weekends and you likely need to make a reservation. next time try the beef and pickle tacos...LOVE them. also love the single village mezcal's they have too.

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        I'm not a huge fan of pickles---and someone told me it really wasn't worth it without the pickles. I did try and bite and it was pretty good---I like the braised chicken a lot more~! I also had an amazing tequila---can't remember the name---it was for sipping and it was really strong.

        1. re: tag heuer

          The burnt habanero and creme salsa is worth the trip alone. And I agree with Tag...the beef and pickle tacos, as weird as they sound, are incredible.

        2. I feel it is one of the loudest and most uncomforatable rooms in the area. Hard reflective walls and very uncomfortable chairs. Stick to the bar.

          1. I tried Malo for the first time this weekend, and I was not hugely impressed.

            Since I was dining solo they were able to fit me into a (very dark) corner of the outside patio. I waited over ten minutes for the waiter before I realized he was sitting at the next table flirting with a customer.

            Food ... eh. Everything is a la carte, which adds up. Plus: tortilla chips fried to order, and a pretty good mini-serving of guacamole for $4. I've been told their salsas are even better. Minus: a nasty surprise when I realized the chile relleno hadn't been seeded -- not sure whether this was deliberate, but I've never had it that way before. This is the kind of place where the list of tequilas, mezcals, beers and margarita variations is longer than the food menu, something I might have appreciated more if I was still drinking.

            They're obviously oriented towards drinkers and large groups, so if you fit into either category you might appreciate it more than I did.

            1. Making a reservation is recommended, but you can pretty much always get one on OpenTable; however, keep in mind that about half the seating is outdoors, which allows smoking, and you might have to wait extra for indoor.

              In my experience the dining room really doesn't get going until about 9.