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Nov 11, 2007 03:56 PM

5 Spot

Can someone please explain the brunch crowd at the 5 Spot to me? Why do people religiously wait 45 minutes to an hour to eat mediocre brunch food at $10/plate? The place is nice, I get that. But does that really make your brunch that much better? Service isn't exactly outstanding either.

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  1. For the same reason people go to the Olive Garden. They're clueless.

    1. I think most of the people going there on Sunday mornings are folks within walking distance. Expectations aren't high, basically sunday morning comfort food, and the only other real option for brunch up on top of QA hill is Julia's and I'll take the 5 Spot over Julia's any day.

      1. I don't go to the 5 spot for brunch, but for late night dinners. It is nothing like Olive Garden. It's close to where I live, open late, they put plenty of spice in their food (sometimes), they have a full bar (until recently one of few on QA who did), the menu varies, the food is decent comfort food. They have a deep fat fryer. What's not to like?

        1. Why do people do this for ANY breakfast? I've never, ever had a breakfast at a restaurant that was better than something I could make at home, so why people deal with the wait and mediocre food is beyond me. And I have to say, 45 minutes isn't bad compared to waits at some places (e.g. The Dish), and $10 sounds average.

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            I dunno, I couldn't do the Troublemaker Pileup from SmartyPants at home, or most of the menu at Senor Moose. Even Peso's has really good options.

            1. re: jaydeflix

              Never been to Smarty Pants but I agree with your assessment on Pesos. I enjoy going there on the rare times I want anything more than a pastry.

            2. re: christy319

              No dishes and less hassle... greater variety... hung over...

              I'd be willing to pay and wait for breakfast. Although, I don't think I have the patience for a 45 minute wait.

              One thing I'm still looking for is a place that does good biscuits and gravy.
              That's flakey biscuits with good sausage gravy. Most places I've found have sort of a bready cake-like biscuit and the gravy seems to be more milk than sausage flavored.

              I can make good biscuits and good bacon gravy. I still need to work on my sausage gravy.

              1. re: dave_c

                If you ever find such a place, let me know. :D

                1. re: eternalX

                  Have you tried the Dish's biscuits and gravy? (Ballard-ish, but the huge Fred Myer) As someone who lived in the south for some years, I make a mean biscuit and gravy, if I do say so myself ;) But they do a pretty good job for those Sundays when it is way too much effort to cover the kitchen in flour.

            3. I used to go to the 5-Spot because it was so close to home, but I never go anymore. The food usually sucks. Dinner is horrible -- and the brunch is mediocre. I do love the staff and the atmosphere though. When it comes to the Chow restaurants, I prefer coastal Kitchen for breakfast.