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Nov 11, 2007 02:59 PM

Pho in South Bay???

Any good pho places around Torrance/Gardena? Any recommendations are appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. There is a branch of Pho So 1 in Gardena, not the best but good for that area. There are also a couple of pho places in Lawndale, I like Saigon Dish on Hawthorne Bl. the best.

    1. I haven't been in a while, but I like Pho Hong Long.

      Pho Hong Long
      15709 Crenshaw Blvd Ste A, Gardena, CA 90249

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        Second Pho Hong Long. Check out the Vietnamese market next door while you are there.

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              Thanks! I was on that site yesterday and didn't realize it was you. Those goi cuon were downright monstrous....

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                By the way, SauceSupreme, I always order my tai as "tai rieng". They bring the rare tai out on a side dish and you dip it in the pho broth at your own leisure. I hate it when the tai gets overcooked while steeping in the broth after they just dump it in the bowl. Any pho place will accommodate you.

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                  So, I went to Pho Hong Long. I'd say it was pretty average. All the add-on items were kind of annoying. They refused to do my "tai rieng" without charging me a $1.00. I was surprised because all they do is put the meat on a dish instead of in my bowl. Why charge extra for that? What if I had wanted my cilantro on the side? Would they charge a $1.00 for that? At $5.75 for a medium, it was already pretty steep. Needless to say, I am in no hurry to go back there. I was stuck in South Bay though, so it fit the bill. Wasn't stellar but it fit the bill for the geographic restriction.

              2. My advice...If you want good or great Pho and other Vietnamese cuisine you'll have to leave the South Bay area and drive a few miles down to Orange County. Westminister and Garden Grove offer up some of the best Pho houses in the Greater Southern California region. My place of work is (border of) Gardena & Carson (Alondra Bl between Main & Broadway). I tried a Pho house on Western Bl in Gardena. Don't know if it was the one nitaj told of, but the Pho was terrible compared to what I'm used to (I live in the OC) and the service was terrible. I asked for lime wedges for my Pho and the best they could do was lemon.

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                  I'm pretty sure hch is familiar with Little Saigon, as she's often made recs in that vicinity. Also, Little Saigon is more than *a few miles down* from the South Bay. Especially with residual Crush traffic streaming in from the 22, it could take upwards of an hour to get there.

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                    I agree. Little Saigon is located in Orange County in the city of Westminster. Lots of good places to eat but I hate to say it, but they have probably the worst drivers in California.

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                    I'm restricted to South Bay in this case though, hence the post. To be fair, I've been to pho places in Little Saigon that only have lemon handy, too. To be honest, I feel the pho in Little Saigon runs the gamut, great to fair to mediocre. Just depends on your taste and where you end up. Of course, there you will have a higher density of everything from good to bad. Thanks. I"ll know to temper my expectations in South Bay.

                  3. Yes I realize that GG and WM in the OC are more than a few miles away from SB. It was just a figure of speech. And I realize that yes, the Pho housese run the gamut from bad to great, even in OC. And I'm sure that when limes weren't available in some OC Pho houses, they have used lemon or some just use lemon anyway. Even my favorite Pho house did that to me once. As far as someone's comment about the drivers...please, just as there are bad to great Pho houses in GG & WM, I've run into plenty of bad drivers in SB. And don't get me started on SB traffic. Hawthorne Bl...Crenshaw Av...Sepulveda Bl...Lomita Bl... Western Av... all can offer up some hurendous (sp?) heavy traffic depending on the time of day on weekdays. I used to live in Lomita, believe me I know. Weekend excursions are usually your best bet for avioiding heavy traffic.

                    1. On the corner of Marine and Prairie in the strip center is the best Pho I have found in the South Bay. Pho Hoa.. Link attached.

                      Pho Hoa
                      15034 Prairie Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90250

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                        I've heard a lot of good reviews about that place but never tried it. Tried a couple of places in the south bay that was half way decent. Hana Pho on Hawthorne Blvd in the shopping complex where the Grand Chinese Buffet and Cost Plus are located was pretty good. Another place we tried once was the pho restaurant next to the IHOP on Crenshaw and Manhattan Beach Blvd. The name eludes me right now but the flavor was good and spicy was not the word. I left sweating and blowing my nose from the excess sirracha I used in it. Good stuff!