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Nov 11, 2007 02:33 PM

Looking for the best sit down Mexican, Hollywood on westward

I am coming to town next week and I would love to hear about what is great on the Mexican food scene. Thanks!

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    1. el compadre - sunset. food's not spectacular, but scene is good and is always fun.

      1. On the Westside, three outstanding choices:

        The Talpa on Pico & Barrington for rustic, tasty fare in a no frills divey sort of atmosphere. Great thick crunchy crispy chips and table salsa that packs quite a kick. The pork in spicy tomatillo sauce is to die for and can be had either in a burrito or as an entree. Great guac, as well. No liquor license, so only beer and wine and agave wine margaritas.

        Lares on Pico near 34th - superb sit down Mexican food, good margaritas. The vibe upstairs is a little more high end than the dungeony feel of downstairs.

        La Serenta di Garibaldi on 4th between Broadway & Santa Monica near the promenade serves up delish Mexican seafood that come with a wide choice of sauces.

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          Re: Lares -- I swear in all the times I've visited I didn't even *know* they had an upstairs. Color me inattentive.

          1. re: SauceSupreme


            Lares has always had an upstairs, but a few years ago there was a fire in the upstairs kitchen that closed the place for many months.

            That said, the ambience is much nicer upstairs, although you can expect a long wait for a table, particularly on weekend evenings.

        2. Pueblo Viejo. No scene, great food.

          Pueblo Viejo
          5722 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038