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Nov 11, 2007 02:32 PM

George - Award winning dish tasted

Last night, 'Caneast' and I again had a wonderful meal at George. This time, our party had a pre-arranged 10 course chef tasting menu. Amongst the dishes offered was the award winning ' Lightly smoked fillet of fresh sable fish over tiny pastina grains cooked with porcini mushroom and aged-cheddar foam garnished with some 'cute' mirin candied garlic... ' served as one of two fish courses. For once, I have to agree with Chatto's accessment. The dish by chef Loseto indeed tasted awesome! However, this temporary high-light of the evening was quickly trumped by the subsequent two meat courses. A delightfully seared foie gras /braised beef short rib combo and an ultra yummy elk/bison game combo in a grainy mustard cream sauce. The meat of the latter were so succulent, sweet and tender. The delicious sauces were spot on.

The only disappointment of the evening was from a glass of Italian Friulli Greco dessert wine which I ordered to pair with my dessert courses. For some unknown reason, the supposedly sweet wine tasted sharp and tannic borderline bitter. Thankfully, this was replaced with a much more ageeable Jaboulet Beaume de Vermise..For this mishap, the chef/management offered me a glass of complimentary Banyuls to go with my delectable chocolate 'upside down cocao souffle'.dessert. A very nice touch!

As an aside, I would like to mention that our server for the evening 'Stephanie' was most pleasant, attentive and accommadating. Her smiles, a major component to our fine evening. Together with 'Adley' of Splendido, these two professional individuals must be one of the best servers in Toronto! A rare thing these days amongst Toronto restaurant scenes. May be Susur's wait staff should learn a thing or two from them. Ha!!

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    111 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON M5C 1S2, CA

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      1. Thanks for the review. George has been on my list to try for a long time, I look forward to trying it shortly. I was unclear about your comments on the tasting menu, is the "pre-arranged" menu different from their regular tasting menu? Did you call and request specific dishes, or was it left in the hands of the chef? One comment on your dessert wine. Very sweet desserts will tend to make wine taste tannic and bitter, so you should make sure the sweetness and acidity of the wine balances with the dessert. I know that is hard to sometimes figure out, but I've also found that some not so sweet wines actually work better with dessert, like a cabernet sauvignon with chocolate or a gewurz with ice cream or fruit desserts. Just my two cents on that subject.

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          We had what amounts to a 'Western Omakase' dinner, putting our trust solely on Chef Loseto's hand. George and Splendido are two of the most accommadating restaurants in town. All you need is to call ahead, give the kitchen some notice and they can put together a more diversified tasting menu than their norm.
          As for that glass of Greco, it was tasted on its own prior to pairing it with dessert. Even the sommelier found the over bitterness a bit odd. Hope you enjoy George and do report back!!

        2. Yeah, George is a great spot. Pricey, but certainly worth visiting.

          Last time they dosed too many dishes with verjus and everything ended up tasting sour.

          I find servers detailed explanations of dishes in front of me cloying (let me eat it already, I read the menu). We would all be better off without their gratuitous explanations. This is not to say I don't appreciate an informed server, but wait till I ask or not ask (in which case, get out of my fork's way).