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Nov 11, 2007 02:00 PM

Choucroute in New York

Does anyone know where I can find good Choucroute in New York?

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  1. Les Halles. In February, they have "choucroute month" with a choice of 4 different ones including one with seafood, but they always have choucroute garnie on the menu and it is very good, the most authentic this side of Strasbourg.

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      They also have it at Cafe d'Alsace - I'm not a fan of the dish but my husband has enjoyed it.

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        We'll be in NY this coming w-e. We made reservations at Les Halles, over the phone, not trusting reservations by email. The menu looks fantastic. Expect a full report by next week! Thanks for your help.

      2. As MMRuth said Cafe D'Alsace is good and I also love Quatorze (79th bet 2nd and 1st)

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