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Nov 11, 2007 12:19 PM

Silver Spoon Restaurant, West Hollywood - Review

My husband and I live a few blocks from this diner and thought we would try it out yesterday for breakfast. We were especially enticed by the covered patio and parking lot. The staff was friendly and quickly sat us on the patio. We each ordered a Bloody Mary, which came to the table quickly in a small glass, without any garnish. The waitress told us that customers get a free Bloody Mary or Champagne with each breakfast. This was a nice surprise, but we quickly thought, "Why are they giving away free drinks?" We should have taken this as a sign, but instead chose to enjoy our watered down, "free", ungarnished cocktail.

We both ordered the Eggs Benedict. It came out quickly and was drenched in Hollandaise sauce. The eggs were overcooked. The English muffins looked like they were fried or something. I don't know what they did to them, but they definitely weren't put into a solid toaster. I could almost squeeze Hollandaise sauce out of the muffins like a sponge! The home fries were under seasoned and had about 2 bits of green peppers and onions in them...I had to practically pour pepper over the whole thing to take a few bites.

The patio was nice and the staff was friendly. But, I will definitely not be returning. I knew this wouldn't be a stellar breakfast, obviously. We were not in the mood for something amazing, just decent. We really just wanted a solid diner breakfast and this couldn't even live up to that expectation.

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  1. no surpise. Silver Spoon is basically a Denny's with a bar.

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    1. re: tag heuer

      I've honestly had better breakfasts at Denny's!!

    2. This place is terrible. Joey's, Hugo's and Eat Well up the street are ten times better.

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        Thanks for the recs...I am still reeling about how horrifying that breakfast was! The more I think about it, it is probably the worst breakfast I have ever eaten!!

        1. re: erintoc

          hugo's ROCKS for breakfast or brunch...definitely my #1 pick in that neighborhood, and possibly my fave in all of l.a.

          other good options for you include [as others mentioned] basix, eatwell and joey's...and even flowering tree.

      2. i've heard that the golden fork is very good. would make sense.

        1. Go to the Griddle on Sunset just east of Virgin Music complex for good breakfast, or Hugos or Basix or Joeys or Eat Well on Santa Monica Blvd. or almost anywhere else!