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Nov 11, 2007 12:07 PM

Taste of Galilee - Plano

Just went to new (or relatively so -- it opened in June) Taste of Galilee on Central Expy. in Plano. Its a middle eastern menu offered a la carte and in a buffet.

The buffet is incredible value offering cold items such as humus, eggplant and cousous salad. Hot items include beef and lamb gyros, chicken, spinach 'turnovers' (I don't know the correct term for these), roast potatoes and zuchinni ragout. One unusual dish is individual 6 inch pizzas topped with beef and spices (including cumin and cinnamon) that give the meat a sweet taste.

The buffet is $8.95 at lunch and $11.95 at dinner. It is owned by the same family that owns Food from Galilee down near SMU (open 16 years) and the newer Galilee Grille at Elm and Akard.

The restaurant is BYOB with no corkage charge. We shall definately be going back to sample the buffet with some wine in the near future. Recommended.

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  1. Well I missed the pizza thing and instead of zuchinni ragout they had squash with bulghur wheat. But anyways I tried the buffet tonight (Tuesday) and thought it was alright. To be honest I'd rather have 2 great things than a dozen mediocre things, although if I ever really felt like having a bunch of different arabic stuff I would come back. I thought the baba ganoush and kafta (in a tahini sauce) were pretty good. The tabbouli had too much bulghur for my taste and I like the thin pita rather than thick even though this was freshly made and tasted pretty good. The spinach pies and meat pies were alright but not even close to my mom's. The grape leaves weren't really my type either, I like them with lamb filling and less pronounced lemon, but they were cooked well. So overall it's not bad especially if you're not picky (aka spoiled) like I am, but I didn't see anything that was a homerun. So far I'd say that Sheik's is the best I've had in town, not that I've tried close to all the options.

    ps the interior was very nice and I really liked the light fixtures.

    1. Of all the Middle Eastern restaurants in Dallas, Foods from Galilee in Snider Plaza, is the best. I'm not much of a buffet fan, but their Plano location's buffet is good too. This is from someone who grew up in the Middle East.

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        What do you mean when you say it's the best? Every dish across the board is just better?

      2. Went there today. Owner person on premises could not have been nicer. Buffet price lowered. Lovingly prepared food. Give them a shot.

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          Went there last week for lunch and for under $10, it was a bargain! Staff there was incredibly nice, too. Great experience... Will return soon!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Thanks for the timely post. Do they have lamb? I didn't see it on the little fuzzy online menu I found. Some in my family don't eat beef & cannot imagine going to a Mid Eastern restaurant without lamb (sometimes find chicken to be dry). Right now, the plan is to go to Afrah or Ali Baba during upcoming visit. Thanks.

            Edit: Oops, just noticed original post date. I guess my question should be directed to mohelk.

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              they didn't have a ton of lamb options on the buffet when I went, but I didn't check the menu.

              ya know, sheikh's has both lamb tongue and raw kibbeh. if that don't satisfy any lamb craving, i don't know what will! ;)

              1. re: luniz

                Thanks Luniz but I just needed clarification on/rule out Taste of Galilee...