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Nov 11, 2007 12:01 PM

Bonnie's Buffalo Chicken Dip

So I read about this some time ago on Chowhound, and stowed the idea for a future event. The original post had a lot of play, with folks raving about what is basically an unconstructed Buffalo wing snack in dip form. Comments I recall were that it was a huge hit with a bunch of young guys, who were standing over the bowl eating it with spoons.

So, we were invited to a big gathering of 20-something recent Univ. of Michigan guy grads, and parents, to watch the latest football game. Made the dip, but instead of layering, I mixed it all togehter and about tripled the celery.

I was a queen, a celebrity, a person of high repute, a genius--all because of the dip. It's now going home to three families as a centerpiece for Thanksgiving. Once young man said, this was on of the best things he's ever had in his mouth. I got the MVP award.

Man, talk about knowing your audience. Bonnie, props to the chicken dip. It rocks!!! This is how icons are made....
I am thrilled to e in the golden halo that Buffalo Chicken Dip gives the cook.

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  1. Hi Berkleybabe
    A couple of questions: did you use chicken breasts or a store rotisserie chicken, did you cook the celery or put it in at the end to keep it crunchy, and how many people did a single batch serve? I'm thinking about serving it at my chili party.

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    1. re: SonyBob

      Hi Sony,
      I followed directions and had 4 boneless chickens breasts, about 2 lbs.s Poached with some spices and then shredded it with forks and then chopped as well so it would fit on taco chips. This easily served maybe 15=20--the whole deal weighed literally at 5 lbs. Cooked it in a large Corning wear casserole. I think you easily skip the cheese on top..when it cooks it kind of separates. I did a couple of trips to the microwave to keep this hot, stirring a lot when it came out. Really, this was the big hit of the day...whole roasted pig came in second.

      1. re: SonyBob

        Sorry Bob, didn' answer the celery question. I added about half to the dip when it was heated, then garnished the top with the rest. I used about at least a half bunch of celery. the crunch, cooked and non cooked, is a big texture addition to the dip.

      2. Berkleybabe, that is exactly what has happened to ME many times over...brought it to an after-work function and people almost hoisted me up on their shoulders in celebration and gratitude...brought it to my son's house for a football playoff gathering and you'd have thought I'd won the Nobel Peace prize. And, it is a very "junky" recipe! But, I love the taste of it, too...and my son once asked me to make it for dinner! A co-worker who made it for her family's barbeque said one of her brother's friends would not stop e-mailing her for the recipe and she could KILL me because now her brother wants it at every family goes on and on. And, there are those who despise be it, the world would be a boring place if we all thought the same way and had the same tastes. It's just funny... and then when someone else tries it, to hear what happens is so funny.

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        1. re: Val

          That's so great, I love the Nobel prize, it's about what I felt! It's wonderful to be an icon by making something that's really so simple.

          Gotta love those guys who love that dip!

        2. I have no idea who Bonnie is or anything about the layering aspect but I have been making this dip for about 10 years now. IF there is any left over, smear it between tortillas and make quesedillas with it! Holy moly!

          I use Market Pantry (Target) canned chicken breast. It really is high quality stuff for being canned. I find that chicken I cook at home gets a little chewy almost. The rec I go with is

          1 pkg philly, soft
          16 oz sour cream
          1 cup red hot
          1/2 cup of ranch (my local grocery carries Spicy Ranch which I use the most)
          1 bag of shredded cheddar/jack
          2 large cans chicken breast, drained, rinsed, drained again and picked through
          couple of kicks of cayenne

          I mix it altogether the night before (seems to be a little hotter the next day!) and either bake it in the oven til hot or microwave it. I serve with celery and tortilla chips.

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          1. re: chelleyd01

            Chelley, I obtained this recipe from the AOL food chat boards a few years ago and it was called Bonnie's Buffalo Chicken Dip and folks got all up in arms if you called it something else...when I discovered Chowhound, I posted the recipe as a newbie, sort of as a humble offering since everyone was being so gracious with good recipes and I guess I wanted to "share the love." Interesting that you've been making it for 10 years!

            1. re: chelleyd01

              This looks like a better version to me. I like the idea of mixing everything up rather than layering.

            2. I am sorry - but how do you cook the chicken in the crock pot to shred it? any spices? for how long? THANKS

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              1. re: rock57

                I think they cook it ahead of time, shred, then put in the crock pot with other ingredients.

                1. re: Hensley

                  Holey moley, this dip sounds amazing. I'll have to remember it come July.

              2. I used the suggestion of an old post and used blue cheese dressing and added in a packet of ranch to the blue cheese/cream cheese mix.

                I thought the celery in the dish was sort or worthless but couldn't have enough celery around for people to dip. They preferred dipping with the celery rather than tortilla chips.

                I used pre-cooked chicken from Trader Joe's....never thought about using canned as mentioned above although I much prefer the layer than I think I would to it being all mixed in.