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Nov 11, 2007 12:00 PM

What is there in Denver?????

I'm coming to Denver soon &, other than layovers at the airport, I've never been to the city. I'll actually be working in the Park Meadows area. What is there in the area? I run a pretty huge gamut of places I enjoy; ranging all the way from dive bars to authentic ethnic spots to fine dining, so everything is pretty much fair game. Where do I HAVE to check out while I'm in town?

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  1. Depends on what you mean by "in the area." Park Meadows is a huge indoor mall w/ satellite outdoor merchants and restaurants. The overwhelming Park Meadows type of business is chain -- whether for shopping or eating.

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      Unfortunately, I work for a company that is adding to that chain madness. It's a great paycheck, but I prefer something altogether different in my off time.

    2. Hmmm. This is a tough one. A quick "search" on the board brought up this response. Sorry, there were only 1051 results for Denver. This was the first page returned. Good luck!

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      1. Park Meadows is about a 20-minute drive to downtown Denver via I-25. If you want to stick around Park Meadows, you'll find your typical suburbia (lots of chains, etc). If you want something a little more unusual, you'll have to travel around a bit.

        Pick up a Westword (local paper) when you're in town, or even better, check their website ( . I know they've got a dining guide. hth!

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          20 minutes is no big deal. How is downtown Denver?

          1. re: sunnygordy

            How is downtown Denver? IMHO, downtown (including LoDo) is the best part for food and of course, also for sports and entertainment. Cherry Creek North and Uptown also have good restaurants.

        2. Downtown:
          Snooze for breakfast...Steak and Eggs Benedict or Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes.

          BEST BAR FOR BEER-
          Falling Rock Tap House: - beer geeks nirvana:
          Food and beer - Wynkoops - good food and great beer.

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          1. re: NitroGen

            pancakes & beer. Now you're talking my language! Thanks!

            1. re: sunnygordy

              Suggest the Great Divide Titan IPA w/ the Pineapple Upsidedown pancakes, as it helps balance the sweetness.

          2. Don't have a huge amount of time to think and post today.. but off top of head:
            Sushi / eclectic Pacific Rim at John Holly's Asian Bistro

            Deep South BBQ at Yazoo BBQ Company

            Upscale Mexican at Las Brisas:
            They frequently have a chipotle prime rib that is out of this world...

            Italian Seafood at Pesce Fresco: