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Nov 11, 2007 11:46 AM

Kosher Salt in Toronto

Where can I find kosher salt in downtown Toronto? I used to see it all the time, and now it seems to have disappeared. (Anyone know why?!)

I've been scouring grocery stores and markets, whenever I go shopping, looking for it. (Loblaws, Dominion, corner stores, Honest Eds...) I can find plain, iodized salt, about 5 different varieties of sea salt, and that's about it.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Downstairs in the south market of St Lawrence is a stall that sells nothing but salt - they have everything you might need (it's on the Jarvis side - across from the Caviar place)

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      Have you tried any of the Jewish food stores along Bathurst?

    2. It was hard to find at Loblaw's, No Frills etc for about two months, but it's been back at my Loblaw's (Leslie & Lakeshore) for a couple of weeks now. And the Bulk Barns usually have it too.

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        I'm not a Torontonian, but what I've noticed here at my local Loblaws is that they are almost always out of kosher salt in the kosher section - the part of the shelf where it should be is almost always empty. However, salt giant Windsor now makes its own kosher salt, which I can always find in the non-kosher part of the supermarket - and I find it just as good as the Diamond's I used to be able to find. Here's the box to look out for:

        Good luck!

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          I don't know how far downtown you live but you could phone Harbord Bakery (they might have it). I also think Honest Ed's will have it...they have a good sized section on Kosher food downstairs.

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            I'm so far downtown I'm in Montreal. ;-)

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        1. I've seen it at No Frills at Dufferin Mall (but they are often sold out) and also at Dominion at Yonge & Eg. Check the salt aisle AND the kosher aisle.

          1. Whole Foods in Hazelton Lanes carries at least 4 different kinds of Kosher salt.