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Nov 11, 2007 11:36 AM

Making creamy soup chunky ...

Whenever I make a pureed soup my significant other's feedback is "it needs substance" after some "it feels substantial" frustrations on my part, I realized that he meant - for lack of better terms - chunks. In the past I have dumped some pieces of rotisserie chicken, roasted potatoes, random roasted veggies in his soups and it has worked well. I don't cook - or eat - meat. And he eats what I cook or what he can order for delivery.

I want to make a roasted red pepper soup. Found a recipe I like, ready to go. Then I realize that this one, too, is pureed. No chunks.

If I want to add chunks ... for him ... easily ... any thoughts? Homemade croutons? Some sort of veggie?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts. Silly boys.

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  1. If you put through a food mill, it will be more, er, chunky than if you puree in food processor or blender. Or leave some behind to add back in as chunks.

    1. You could boil some potatoes, carrots or whatever vegetable is complimentary and dice them up to toss in there. Croutons may work, or little oyster crackers. My dad always crumbled saltines into his "smooth" soups, just a little at a time, so he could get a nice crunch going. Or, since you don't eat meat and he does, keep a package of diced ham on hand and toss that in his bowl.

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        Well, say it's pea soup. You might try and add the peas at two different times. So, one would be really well done, and the second set of peas, less cooked. Or, I use an immersion blender, that way, I can stop before it's too pureed. I liked substance to my soup also.

      2. One thing about pureed soups: include a couple of chunked potatoes in the soup. Once pureed, the soup will be thicker (albeit not chunky) and will have a heartier, more "substantial" feel. A few sauteed sliced mushrooms placed on top of the soup at serving can also make for a fuller soup as a meal.

        1. Croutons are always welcome. For butternut squash I like mushrooms and rough chop shallot or garlic sauteed and added in before serving. For tomato I like scallions (raw) or leek sauteed and sprinkled over.

          1. What a great thread alexajord! My husband doesn't much like pureed soups either, but I love them! He always says it needs something more substantial also, and he definitely means chunks. It's always a problem because I'm not a huge fan of chunky - some are okay, but pureed squash or sweet potato soups are the best. I'm interested to see the responses.

            Yes, silly boys.