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Nov 11, 2007 10:34 AM

Thoughts on Best Burger in LA?

There can never be a "Best" burger....but figured I would try to get this timeless debate fired up.
Fast Food=In n' Out (don't gimme the Fatburger thing!)
High End=Chaya Brasserie
Pub=Ford's Filling Station
Old Time Burger joint=the Bucket in Eagle Rock

Let's hear some cointer-point?


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        1. Fast Food- In & Out Fresh & Meaty Whole Foods Yanaki's
          High End- My Father's Office 26 Beach
          Pub- 26 Beach Pete's Cafe
          Old Time-Cassell's Texas BBQ King Fat Burger (the OG on Western, it is closed)
          I would put The Bucket on the list, but The Bucket was out of beef at 11:30 last time I was ther

          1. In N Out, Astro Burger, Father's Office and the Kobe Bistro Burger at Tops on Foothill in Pasadena.

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            1. re: mbh65

              Kobe Bistro Burger at Tops on COLORADO in Pasadena!

            2. Don't know what the big deal's about with In N Out? I personally prefer Island's (in Manhattan Beach or Torrance) or even Ruby's in Redondo Beach for burgers. Tommy's is good too.

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              1. re: Clinton

                The big deal with In N Out is, arguably, the value. About $2.50 for a Double Double. Quality ingredients, simple menu, and overall decent service from employees who seem pleased with their wage and working conditions and don't give the impression that they want to slit their wrists in front of you. I'm 48, and honestly, In N Out is the only fastfood place i can recall wherein the young counter-persons don't give me the stink-eye for having lived beyond the age of 40. This may seem an odd perk, but i like having the person preparing and serving my fastfood actually appreciating my patronage. Perhaps its only my experience, but the staff at In N Out seem very OK with both *their* being the employee and *me* being the customer. Restores just a bit of my faith in those new to the workforce. I'm pleased to support this, via my patronage...

                1. re: Clinton

                  Island burgers are good, but I was alarmed to discover that the burger I enjoyed topped out at approximately 1600 calories (from Island's website). While I am not usually calorie counting when eating out, and certainily not while ordering a burger, 1600 cal in one burger is a lot. Add in some fries (which are good at Islands) and you are well over 2000 calories for one meal. 1600 calories equals about 2.5 Double Doubles. Yikes!