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Nov 11, 2007 10:20 AM

Panchito's at ABIA

I got off a late flight last night, and as I strolled towards baggage claim, trying to walk slowly enough to get there as the starting buzzer's sound is fading into echoes, I scanned the signs in the food court only to see a Panchito's sign where there always used to be an outpost of Matt's el Rancho. I'm pretty sure the change happened in the last week.

While it would be unusual for an airport to be home to the most delicious chow in town, there are times when by happenstance or poor planning one must eat while waiting for a flight to board. It pays to know what the best bets are in advance. In that spirit, I ask whether anyone has tried the place? Has it changed in more than name? Is it associated with a business on the outside?

The roll-down grating was firmly locked as I passed, but in the interest of research, I may need to try it myself soon. Guidance is, however, always welcome.

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  1. Wow -- well, I can say for sure (ok, maybe not totally sure) that it was Matt's El Rancho when I flew out of ABIA on November 4th. I will try it when I fly back home this week and post a review.

    1. Hmmm... It was still Matt's as of November 8th when I landed. Granted, it was late and I wasn't paying close attention... but I know the sign still said Matt's. Curious to hear what Cousin Dave sees upon his return.

      1. I flew out on Nov. 9th and actually ate nachos at Panchito's. And they were exactly what you would expect from nachos at the airport. Also they were not any different than the version Matt's sold. Chips, that odd orange cheese, a little lettuce, fewer tomatoes, blobs of sour cream and something that was supposed to be guac. I noticed that the menu is a little smaller now but it's still the same ladies working there.

        1. I'm not flying out of ABIA for several weeks, but it would be great if someone could ask if the place has changed ownership? I'm particularly curious to know whether this new name signifies a relationship with the Panchito's mini-chain that's based in San Antonio.

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            Good suggestion. It seems that it is just a name change. I found myself in the airport again today, so I stopped by. The people who work there say that the ownership remains the same and that the rebranding may just be a temporary experiment. In any case, my hopes of increased deliciousness at the airport are on hold again; the sweet potatoes and green beans at Harlon's will have to suffice from time to time.