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Where to go for the best PUPUSAS ???

The only place i've been getting my Pupusas fix is at the Hollywood Farmers Market on sunday.
$2 for a pork/cheese.
Anybody know any good spots for this good stuff?

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  1. I've done a series of pupusa reports over the past year: http://recenteats.blogspot.com/search...

    The best I've found, now that my favorite La Nueva Flor Blanco closed, are La Pupusa Loca at Santa Monica and Wilton and Los Chorros in Inglewood.

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        sku, you are a Pupusa expert from my point of view. I have traveled to GUA and SAL 46 times in the last 10 years. (Just renewed my passport and added them up when it came back in the mail). Los Churros is a very good rendition of a typical Pupusa. I live in the South Bay and tried Arsense on El Segundo Blvd based on a previous post on this board and was very disappointed. I believe I had read your post about Los Churros this past summer and I have been 3 times so far. Each time it was very consistant. Just like like the ones I have had in CA menos Pilsner y Gallo..

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          Wow, you must have a lot of frequent flier miles :) Glad you liked Los Chorros. They also have great yucca and chicharron and other Salvadoran treats.

          Hey, when you fly back from Salvador and Guatemala, do you bring Pollo Campero on the plane?

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            sku,Pollo Campero.. well thats another thread. I was invited to the opening of the first USA location on Olympic. I think the local version is just missing something ( well to me ).. I have never brought it back myself, just eat it in GUA for lunch once a trip. One time when I was upgraded to First Class on the way home I was seated next to a Pilot that was deadheading home. He brought a box and was served the chicken on china ( well United's best ) He gave me a wing too.. The Flight attendants were all comming by saying that they needed to taste it as they have smelled the aromas for years and never had the chance to try the pollo. It was like a drive in "first class style"..

      2. My husband is Salvadoran and swears that the pupusas at "The Ayalas" are the best he has had in L.A., even better than his sister-in-law's. It's a newish, small, family-run place that has an "A" from the health department. They have pupusas with chicharron, revueltas and queso (cheese and pork and I think some beans as well) as well as cheese and loroco (a kind of herb). Cost is $1.50 and $1.75, respectively!

        The AYALAS Salvadoran and Cuban Food
        10953 Venice Blvd. near Military
        W. Los Angeles, 90034

        Another OK choice on the West Side is Gloria's, which is on Venice Blvd. just East of Versailles. It's also family run, a bit larger, but I liked Ayalas better, too.

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          I tried The Ayalas (solely for pupusas) last week based on this suggestion, and it was so good I went again today! Their pork is so tasty! AND they have half-liter bottles of Coke made from real sugar!

          I have also been to El Salvador Con Sabor for pupusas. And while I cannot attest to their authenticity, I recommend this place as well. There's a slightly bigger range of pupusas to choose from, all delicious, including a great chicken+cheese one and a beans+cheese one.

          El Salvador Con Sabor
          5105 Venice Blvd. (at Redondo -- just west of La Brea)

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            Ok - I went here just because it was convenient. I had an appointment at a nearby business and had to have lunch after, and saw this place while walking from where I parked.

            I had an ala carte pupusa with loroco con queso, and an appetizer serving of platanos con crema with beans.

            The pupusa was dynamite - I could have asked for more of the cabbage relish, which I love, but it was great.

            But the real treat was the platanos and the beans. The platanos were really really good, with crispy edges that crunched nicely. And the beans! The menu said black beans, but what I got was a puree of wonderful darkish pink beany goodness! It may have been a puree of mixed black and pintos, because it was too dark for pintos but too light for all black. It was a pure smooth puree - no bean structure at all. But how delicious!! It was smooth and tasty - and overwhelmingly porky! If it wasn't made with lard, it certainly had some pork product in it, because it tasted rich and smokey and wonderful!

            I loved it! I'm going back for more soon!

        2. If you are in Torrance area on a Tuesday, go to the farmer's market on Crenshaw. Don't know if they are the best, but they are very tasty to me.

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            I second the Torrance farmers market on Crenshaw -- also on Saturday mornings. The pupusas were excellent to my untrained palate (my pupusa experience is limited to my roomate's mother's).

          2. Good Food on NPR Oct 13th had a segment on pupusas. They echoed my sentiments: its pretty easy to find a good pupusa and most are simillar. I like Los Cobanos at Sunset and Silverlake.

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              I don't remember the name, maybe someone can help before I drive by but it is on the east side of Lake Avenue just below Washington in Pasadena. I don't have a lot to compare it to but friends from El Salvador turned us on to it. They have a great side dishes including plantains and yucca. Very good!!!

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                I am fairly certain that the name you are looking for is La Caravana - they have several kinds. Even one with pepperoni which is really good. They offer a sampler platter of about 9 different flavors of mini pupusas (which are really not so mini, either!). Theirs is the best I have had.
                There is also a place called Christina's on Orange Grove a couple of blocks east of Fair Oaks - I like their frijoles y queso ones best.

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                  Just came back from La Caravana in Pasadena tonight and Oh Boy was that place worth it. My husband and I split the 9 different mini pupusas you mentioned and they were soooooo yummy. I like how you can choose whichever 9 you want. For drinks we had Ensalada which has a bunch of mixed diced fruit inside. It went great with the pupusas. I think I will go back this weekend. I'll have to try Christina's next though.

            2. Try checking out El Buen Gusto in Atwater Village off of Glendale Blvd, the pupusas are really tasty and inexpensive, service is slow but its good.

              1. Hey guys. I came across this blog and I'm from the San Fernando Valley so those are somewhat far from me. But if you guys are ever on this side of town, there's a bakery in Reseda called El Carrusel Bakery that sells amazing pupusas and they're so cheap!! They're only $1.35 but dont let the price fool you because they're big and delicious (You'll be more than good with 2). My girlfriend is from El Salvador and she says those are the 2nd best here in LA, first being her mom of course :-\ But yeah, if you guys get a chance try it out. The address is 6800 Reseda Blvd. Their card says they have another location in Van Nuys but not entirely sure, haven't been to that one yet. Cheers!

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                  Great tip, thanks! Will have to try it next time I am in the area.

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                    I tried the revuelta pupusa at the Van Nuys El Carrusel. It is located at the corner of Victory and Kester. The pupusa was fantastic. You are right about the size. They had several other types, including plain cheese and chicharron. My only complaint is that I did not see any curtado.

                  2. i like numero uno, just south of franklin on vine st. the pupusas are cheaper and far tastier that the farmer's market stand, and they have mexican breakfasts and fresh smoothies.

                    1. I am a pupusa layman but I had great pupusas at a small restaurant on Valencia just south of Olympic on the east side of the street. I am not sure what the name was but it looked like it was all barred up and locked down, so you know it has to be good. The pupusas were around $2 each and they had the normal selection of chicharron, and queso, others. My favorite was the frijoles pupusa, really great.

                      1. Does anyone know of a spot in the WEHO/Hollywood area? I'm dying for a good Pupusa!

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                          The pupusas at the Hollywood farmer's market are very yummy. It's every Sunday near Hollywood Blvd & Ivar, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. or thereabouts. I believe the pupusa stand is located on Selma, a block south of Hollywood Blvd.

                        2. I really like La Arca de Noe in Highland Park, right next to the Highland Theater on Figueroa (next to Foliero's pizza).

                          I especially recommend the loroco con queso.

                          My rule of thumb about Pupusa places is that if they have loroco, they are probably the real deal.

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                            Come a little bit closer, my friends and I will share with you my hidden gem. It is La Pintoresca Restaurante in Pasadena. Yes, they serve the queso con loroco pupusa as well as many others, for $1.75+ tax. Such a deal! Freshly made, served with a smile. Open Monday thru Saturday from 8am to 8pm. Muy rico y sabroso! Located in the supermarket, off to the left side. Phone: 626-798-2898.

                            La Pintoresca
                            1190 N Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA

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                              Better than La Arca de Noe (in my opinion) is Las Cazuelas, just a couple blocks East on Fig. That's my opinion, but it seems to be the neighborhoods as well given that I live half a block away from Arca I have never seen it full, while Cazuelas is always full or almost-full and with a constant stream of pick-up orders, as well.