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Nov 11, 2007 08:54 AM

Barton Springs Area

Husband and I will be coming from San Antonio Monday, November 12 to area. Will someone please tell me a good place to have lunch? Anything but Mexican!

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  1. Zax Pints and Plates:

    I have tried most all of the menu and cannot think of any major complaints to pass on. The only thing that I haven't tried that has been reaved about on Chowhound (I think it was this board), is the burger.

    I love the cheese and olive platter, mussels and the pizza and their daily specials are usually my choice. Also, if you ask, you will get honest, experienced advice on your selection here.

    Can you kind of tell this is one of my favs?

    1. Totally Austin, and amazingly good. You must go to Flip Happy Crepes. Expect a line, but make time and take a seat under the pecan trees and people watch. The crepes here are to die for. I love the Savory Chicken/Carmelized Onion/Guyere and any of the pulled pork ones. If they have the carmleized banana/Nutella crepe on the "specials" get it. They've taken it off the regular menu (bummer).

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        Flip Happy flippin' good---

        Finally made it by there today at their new and improved Barton Springs area location. Had the Moroccan, smoked chicken with roasted veggeis, feta chees and feta buttermilk. Absolutely delicious. The harissa sauce was very spicy and the since the crepes are premade they had a crispiness to them that enchanced the whole dish. FU with lemon curd and blueberry sauce. Absolutely wonderful. The dessert crepe was very sweet, surprise, surprise and needed a cup of coffee to go with it, which I had. Going back this WE with SWMBO, the son and SWMBO in law, and the two gran'dogs. Loved it. Thank you ASH for finding this place in the first place. ( The first place was on way S. Lamar, but now they are in a side street one block north of Barton Springs Rd. Easy to find, tables under the trees, parking etc.

        1. re: singlemalt

          The Flip Happy episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay was on Food Network last night. The girls of Flip Happy won and were so cute and happy and proud of their work. I was happy for them and hope their business grew even more from that.

          I've been meaning to get by there, but now I HAVE to.

          1. re: singlemalt

            Glad you liked it Singlemalt. Wish they hadn't taken the carmelized banana/nutella/whip cream crepe off the menu. That was the bomb.

            the Cubano is quite good (what am I saying? they're ALL wonderful)...