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Nov 11, 2007 08:52 AM

Middle Eastern Grocery Stores

Hi. Can anyone recommend any Middle Eastern grocery stores in Seattle? I am looking for a store that sells pomegranate syrup, orange blossom water, and other condiments. I know that World Spice Merchants has spices (dukkah, zahtar, etc.) so I'm looking for a resource that sells other condiments and the like. Thanks!!!

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  1. everything you need can be found at the souk in the market (1916 pike place - 206/441-1666)

    1. Big John's PFI has all that.

      1. There's a place on the west side of Aurora @ 79th, Continental Grocery I think is the name. Good place, I recommend.

        1. Thank you to everyone who replied!

          1. One more place is the Indian & Pakistani Market on Roosevelt and 10th Ave. NE. They have all kinds of packaged foods, bulk, spices, condiments, and halal meats.

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                Pakistani & Indian Grocery
                12325 Roosevelt Way NE
                Seattle WA 98125
                (found that on the Web; apparently I had the name backward)
                It's on Roosevelt Way NE, just south of NE 125th Street, on the west side of the street. It's in a little strip with a Thai restaurant, the grocery store and Mr. Kebab restaurant.