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Nov 11, 2007 08:46 AM

2 Nights in AC, Need romantic, awesome dinner

Ok, I already asked but got no replies, I need a romantic spot for our anniversary and another night in AC. My favoritwe spots in Monmouth are Pino's La Forchetta, Nicholas, and The Shipwreck Grille. That should give some ideas of what I'm looking for. We are leaving Tuesday so any replies before then would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. We recently ate at the Knife and Fork Inn. Which is down Atlantic Ave south of the Tropicana. Food was excellent, wine list very good and excellent service. I would think you would have to drive there though.
    Also ate at a really good Italian place in the Borgata. I cannot remember the name but it was downstairs from the casino floor. Really good homemade pasta. I had gnocci that practically melted when eaten!
    Have a great time and happy anniversary!

    1. Red Square in the Trop is a great spot for a romantic dinner, especially if you reserve one of their velvet-curtained "intimate dining" tables located away from the main dining area. It's an experience not to be missed. :)

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        Ditto on Red Square, especially for anniversary. Be sure to get the curtained table, like the MartiniQueen said.

        Other nice spots are the Palm at the Trop Quarter and Buddakahn at the Pier.

        BTW, I went to the Walk shopping district and was surprised by the variety and quality of the stores and the low prices. If you go at dinnertime Los Amigos is a fun spot. There is also a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse there, but I have not tried it yet.

      2. I really enjoyed my dinner as well as the ambiance at both Mia, and Sonsie (a boston sattelite restaurant with a really great wine list). Mia is in Caesars and Sonsie is in the Pier at Caesars as well. Both definately offered romantic tables, try booking early and putting it in as a special request on Of the two, I would faster go back to Sonsie, as Mia did seem quite overpriced...
        Also, I have eaten at the Bobby Flay Steak. It was a mockery compared to his restaurants in NYC, don't waste your money...
        One that I am really looking forward to trying is SeaBlue by Michael Mina, although as the name suggests, it is heavy on the seafood, so you gotta be in the mood, I guess... Buddakan was a bit loud and crazy for us.