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Nov 11, 2007 08:16 AM

Simi Fresh and Easy

I saw the sign yesterday. They are opening in the plaza on Alamo at Tapo Street. No opening date is posted. Cant wait to check them out.

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  1. I live nowhere near Simi, but please do report back when you go! It will be good to hear how a second store fares, esp. after the not-very-good response from true Chowhounds (forget about mainstream media reviewers) on the Glassell Park one. Also, considering Tesco did "research" on local neighborhoods for their specific stores, it may be interesting to note any "regional" differences.

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    1. re: buttermarblepopcorn

      It looks like it may be a while but I will get over there. It's not in a great location of Simi being on the far east side of the city. TJ's out here is in a very central location. Time will tell.

      1. re: buttermarblepopcorn

        I noticed this weekend that another Fresh & Easy is slated to open on Hollywood Blvd. in the old Galaxy theater space by the end of the month. Sounds like that will be #2.

      2. FYI. The sign is out stating the opening is slated for Feb 6th or 8th. I drove by too fast to see which date exactly. I will report back once I have been by there.

        1. There is also one under construction in Ventura County's Oak Park at Lindero Canyon and Kanan -- about 4 miles north of the 101 freeway. I suspect it will be a few months until it opens.

          1. And another under construction in Moorpark, on Los Angeles Avenue, across the street from Ralphs.

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              Well...It opened last week. The bottom line is that I was impressed with some items they had and not so impressed with others. True to their claim it is a neighborhood market and serves that purpose well. Understand that I shop for cooking and not for a quick grab and run which is a big part of the stores concept. I would not drive more than a few miles out of the way to shop there but thankfully I live close by the Simi store so I will be back. The local paper did a video on the store and here it is. I hope putting the link up is allowed.


              1. re: SIMIHOUND

                went monday---what a joke!!! nothing good there and what prices--traders has NOTHING to worry about--nothing english there--they won't be in business too long !!!!!!

                1. re: terrydoris

                  Yes indeed..TJ's rules by comparison. Remember though that TJ's often has items that come and go. I think that F&E will have the same stuff all the time...It is too early to tell.

                  I must say that I also went to F&E the first time and laughed. It seemed like a cross between a large sized 7-11 and an overpriced ethnic corner market. I went back with my wife later on the same day and really looked hard and walked out with about $35.00 of groceries. I saw some items that were great. The limited produce looked good but it was a bit overpriced in comparison to Jon's. Jon's in my area rules on produce and also flowers. Again, I cook a lot so I need a variety of veggies in my fridge all the time. The meats were like TJ's packaging and very expensive. I bought chicken parts which were cheap and *excellent* quality. I bought six fresh *LARGE* leg quarters at 89 cents a pound,) lactose free milk at $1 less than anyplace around including TJ's. they have a large milk section in my store but interestingly enough a terrible selection of cottage cheese. British crackers which were better than anything I have *ever* had. I bought uncooked Indian samosa's that were good. Hummus was real good too. Fresh bread of many kinds. The desserts like the cake slices looked fantastic, muffins etc. were plentiful. They carried lots of frozen desserts like chocolate volcano cake. (OMG!-goodby weight watchers) The absolute surprise were the fresh juices they were letting everyone sample. They were better then TJ's by a mile. I noticed a lot of fresh, bottled and frozen juice concentrate in the store. **I think that because they want to keep fresh items in the store if you go earlier in the day you will have a better selection then going at night.** That may be a key to the store. Remember it is a corner neighborhood market so give it a chance if it's in your area. They are working hard to please everyone.

                  1. re: terrydoris

                    You have that right. They are a conveniece store with inconvenient product. The packaging on their prepared foods is awfull. It requires two more dishes to cook and eat. They are always out of stock. Ralphs and Vons have more variety and any resaurant in the city has better take away.

                    1. re: Pompelmous

                      Really? What prepared food did you try? The one item I bought (Cashew Chicken) is microwaved in the container which also is the serving plate. And is reusable. BTW, I didn't think the flavor was any better than your average frozen dinner, but it was marked down to $1.00 since it was on the use-by date. It did have some reasonably big chunks of white meat chicken, versus the little crumbles you typically get.

                      I'm wondering, have you actually been to one?

                  2. re: SIMIHOUND

                    Thanks, SIMIHOUND! This video -- along with your post -- is very useful in helping me to form reasonable expections for when our Oak Park store opens in the Spring (I heard but don't have a date).

                  3. re: asimen

                    and one also in development in Newbury Park at Wendy Drive and Orchard, I believe, on the north side of the freeway.

                    1. re: carter

                      Everything is in development in that area!

                  4. Yes, great video link.

                    I too like their own brand products, and fresh meats and seafood in particular. They are price matching TJs on comparable items (eg $1.28 for greek style yogurt).