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Nov 11, 2007 07:58 AM

Best Pizza in Delaware County, PA 2007-2008

Wtih the aplethera of neighborhood pizza shops in the Delaware County area I thought I would take a slice at polling for the best!

My current top three in no particular order are below but there are many more to try and that is where your help comes into play!

1. Pizza Odyssey - Drexel Hill, PA - Their sauce is the highlight of this pizza thus you would be remissed if you didn't go for extra sauce.
2. Alfredo's in Broomall, PA - Might as well team up this pizza with their fantastic wings
3. Boston Style Pizza, Wynnewood, PA - Apparently owned by a greek family that mastered the recipe
Honorable Mention - Cenzo's in Havertown - Seems to be popular in the great town of Havertown but they have not wowed me as of yet!

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  1. My current favorites are:
    1. Gaetano's in Clifton Heights- 3 cheese pizza.
    2. Mescellino's in Drexel Hill - sausage pizza- I suggest asking for it well done since a few times we found it to be a little undercooked to our liking.
    3. Marrone's in Ardmore- double cheese.

    I will have to try Pizza Odyssey Asap. Thanks for suggestion.

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    1. re: lillotis

      Thanks for the suggestions. I have three places to try! Let me know what you think of Pizza Odyssey.

      1. re: dbrown153

        We tried Pica's over the weekend and I really loved their square pizza. I will be returning. As for Boston Style, while I am not a fan of their pizza, they make the best tuna grinder ever- nobody can even come close. I grew up a few blocks from their shop and have been eating their tuna grinders for over 20 years- YUM!

    2. I think the best pizza in the area is the margherita at Felicia's in Ardmore.