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Nov 11, 2007 07:44 AM

Terra Cotta Pasta Co. Open in South Portland

The Terra Cotta Pasta Company, featuring freshly prepared, gourmet Italian foods, is now open. The company's third location (others in Dover, NH and Kittery) is located on Cottage Road in South Portland. It is a welcome addition to the Greater Portland food scene, providing fresh, healthy dinners that can easily be reheated for busy families on the go, and delectable sundries, elegant enough to serve to company.


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  1. Sounds interesting, Erin--thanks for the tip. Where on Cottage Rd is it?

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    1. re: cfrolio

      Funny you should ask - they don't have a website and even their take out menu doesn't have the road #. But if you are familiar with Cottage Road, they are just past Beal's Ice Cream and Thai Taste. On the right hand side of the road heading to Fort can't miss the bright yellow awnings.

      1. re: TypeA

        Where the Lobster Station used to be.

        Erin: I'm not quite sure how to handle the recent posts you make linking to your opinion blog. I'd like not to respond in two places: takes a lot of time. And I'm finding it difficult not to view these posts as self-promotion. Not trying to give you a hard time, but this kind of post does raise some issues.

    2. Have been to the one in Kittery. The fresh pasta si good as are the flatbread pizzas. As to the :fresh healthy dinners . . elegant enought to serve o company" I doubt it. We bought the prepared lasagna once and it was awful. We bought it four four adults and two kids and no one could eat it. We ended up throwing it out.

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      1. re: emilief

        Oh dear. That was my experience as well, but I wrote it off to their having just opened (in South Portland). I bought a meat lasagna that needed to have baked for much longer- it hadn't melded: all the ingredients sat separately. I also found the ravioli to be too thick to cook properly: heavy. But I will return: I want this place to succeed.

        1. re: Dual

          I happen to like Terra Cotta (the pasta, haven't tried the lasagna), but I find it curious that you didn't like their offerings very much, yet will return to help them succeed. Why do you want them to succeed? It it their concept that attracts you?

          1. re: bewley

            They've only been open a week. Everyone deserves a better shot than that.

            1. re: Dual

              a refreshing answer dual, kudos....


              1. re: Dual

                Yes, yes, everyone deserves a shot at success. And, I agree that a budding restaurant or new food establishment requires a certain amount of time to get its momentum. (I hate it when people report negatively on a place that has been open under a week.)

                If I’m not mistaken, however, most of Terra Cotta’s product line is being produced in Dover, NH., so what you see/taste is likely what you’re going to get. This is not a “new” concept or menu. If you return tomorrow or next month, my guess is that the food is going to taste exactly the same.

                1. re: bewley

                  Yeah, I know.

                  I just didn't want to say that.

          2. re: emilief

            We tried the meat lasagne last night and thought it wasn't bad. Since I'd read the reports here, we baked it rather than microwaving. Put it in for 35 min and it seemed fine. But I've heard raves about the flatbreads and the fresh pasta.

            One other thing in their favor: hot soup. If it's any good -- which I don't know yet -- it'd be a great, cheap-ish lunch option in the neighborhood.