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Nov 11, 2007 07:19 AM

Take-out Thanksgiving Tampa Bay

We are looking to order a takeout Thanksgiving dinner for 2-4 people in the Tampa bay area. We would like to stay away from the chains of Honey Baked Ham and Boston Market. Any suggestions for a local restaurant or caterer for this small of a quantity. Everything else we have found is for 6 or more, which is more than we need.



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  1. There's another thread around here some where on the same topic... try Wright's Gourmet on Dale Mabry, or Pane Rustica, or Wild Oats supermarket, in that order.

    1. Hi! I ordered for pickup Wednesday, from PUBLIX their small whole-turkey dinner. Am getting the turkey, orange/cranberry relish, gravey and the two sides of apple pecan dressing and sweet potatoes. All I have to do is heat it up Thursday and add vegetables....they have vegetables as an included side, but didn't want them!

      This way, for the three of us ~ we'll have leftovers for sandwiches and the house will have the Thanksgiving aroma, without the work!

      Good luck!

      1. dinner done ( has "Thanksgiving Gourmet ToGo" The food would definitely be better than honeybaked or boston market lol

        1. The NoHo Bistro delivered lunch (delicious!) to our office today and left a flyer with their Thanksgiving take out menu. It looks fabulous! However, orders must be made by Nov. 21. They got an outstanding review in Tribune's Friday Extra several weeks ago. Web site is

          1. Any ideas for Christmas dinner take-out in St Pete, besides Mazzaro's? I have a friend from out of town who's asking for ideas.