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Nov 11, 2007 07:04 AM

butcher recommendation in pittsburgh?

Dear Chowhounders,

Can anyone recommend a butcher in Pittsburgh? Someone who can reliably provide excellent quality and reasonable prices both in general and for unusual items that might be difficult to find in markets (sweetbreads, veal cheeks, marrow bones, etc.)?



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  1. Not sure how far you're willing to drive, but give George Cheplic a call - 724-348-7094. Ask if he can arrange for what you want in advance.

    1. Not a butcher shop like used to be, but you could see what Wholey's has to offer.

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        The past few times I've been to Wholey's, it stunk to high heaven like rotting meat.

      2. McGinnis on Rt 88 is a great butcher. The meat is expensive, but worth it.


          This is an article from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette 2004 about the best butchers in town.

          1. We shop at our neighborhood butcher, Tom Friday's on California Ave. in Brighton Heights. They are truly old school. We get marrow bones for our dogs there, and they are willing to give out tastes of the meat and talk to you about where it comes from. I am guessing if you need beef cheeks or the like they will find a way to get them for you. Their sausages are very good, too.