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Nov 11, 2007 05:50 AM

Mi Tierra Tu Taqueria-Calgary

After reading about this place on the "cheap eats in calgary" thread, we decided to make the trek (for us). Definitely worth the trip: for us, the best Mexican we've found in Calgary(not, though, like saying "the best Mexican food in L.A."). And for about half the price--for $20 we got 2 tacos, a tostado, and an enchilida combo.
We ate in the restaurant, and right now, it's a pretty desolate space with very little furniture (some tables and very rickety stools), but it looks like they haven't finished the renos. My other suggestion would be for them to include some homemade salsas (ah, the salsa bars of the SF taquerias). But even as it is, it fulfilled our craving for decent-to-good Mexican food in this town. I hope other people will find their way over--it was pretty empty when we got there (in the middle of the afternoon, admittedly), and I'd hate to see them not make a success of it. It's at 10015 Oakfield Drive SW (238-1749).

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  1. Any idea on opening hours? I live in rez at the university but am down by Heritage every afternoon for my practicum... I could hop over from there around 4:30 but wouldn't want to hang around much longer, as it's a looooong trip back to U of C by bus!

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      On the day we went (a Friday), they said they were open noon to 8 p.m. I'm not sure what their weekend hours are, though.

    2. I picked up a menu but it doesn't give the hours they are open,the tel# is 238-1749

      1. I managed to find my way south this afternoon in time to catch lunch here. Without a doubt, the best Mexican I've had in Calgary. I ordered a pork burrito with green chile sauce, and it was nicely made. The pork itself had been decently seasoned and the green chile sauce was pretty good. I'd go out of my way to eat here again.

        I had a brief chat with the (I presume) owner. He's from Mexico City. He sticks to the menu during the week but does a couple specials on the weekends depending on what mood he's in and what ingredients he can get. He encouraged me to call on Friday to find out what the specials would be for the weekend. He says that the week days can be a bit slow during the day, evenings are pretty good, but mainly anglo clientèle. The weekends bring in more of a Latino crowd.

        The restaurant space was pretty sparse. It looks like pretty fresh paint on the walls and new flooring, hopefully he gets some more/better tables in there. The aroma coming out of the kitchen makes up for the furnishings.

        Best way to get there: Take Southland Drive west until it comes to a T, turn right and it is the first plaze on the left. Its attached to a Latino grocery store.

        1. This place is good. Thank you javelina to point it out to us.
          We went there for lunch and had Alhambre Con Queso for about $10.
          Generous servings of beef, onion, red pepper, cheese with 5 tortillas.
          Turns out 5 tortillas are not enough (lots of beef), so we asked for 2 more without charge. Very very good place. According to the owner, every Saturday they have special dish. Go there and try.

          1. Got there today at 2:30 in the afternoon. As Yen mentioned the meat was warmed in the microwave but there was no rice in my tacoes. I had Alhambre Con Queso like jojok but was silly enough to stuff the meat into the 5 tortillas provided. The cheese on the tacoes is not cheddar but my husband's pork burrito did have have cheddar on top. Not traditional but he really enjoyed it.

            I think their strength is in the way they spice the food. Nice kick and loads of flavour. I'm gonna forgive them the rewarm in the microwave since the tortillas tasted really fresh. There were 5 customers that late after lunch and we were the only ones not speaking Spanish.

            Two lunches with 2 cans of pop came to $22 and I could smell the cumin on my hands all the way home.

            It's worth the drive when you really want Mexican. My husband has been to Taco del Mar (right name?) in the NE and says it is less family style.

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              This is why I love Chowhound - we made the trip into Calgary from Canmore yesterday - ostensibly to go to the somewhat tacky Xmas market at Spruce Meadows but really to hit up this Taqueria.

              What a lovely experience - really friendly staff & amazing food. My 3yo daughter, normally a slow eater, wolfed down her Quesadilla - whilst we enjoyed our mains tacos & nachos. Beautifully spiced & very, very good value - the warmth & friendliness from the staff made the meal even btter.

              Not the most visually attractive place from the outside, but in this city of style over substance - the food was outstanding.