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Mi Tierra Tu Taqueria-Calgary

After reading about this place on the "cheap eats in calgary" thread, we decided to make the trek (for us). Definitely worth the trip: for us, the best Mexican we've found in Calgary(not, though, like saying "the best Mexican food in L.A."). And for about half the price--for $20 we got 2 tacos, a tostado, and an enchilida combo.
We ate in the restaurant, and right now, it's a pretty desolate space with very little furniture (some tables and very rickety stools), but it looks like they haven't finished the renos. My other suggestion would be for them to include some homemade salsas (ah, the salsa bars of the SF taquerias). But even as it is, it fulfilled our craving for decent-to-good Mexican food in this town. I hope other people will find their way over--it was pretty empty when we got there (in the middle of the afternoon, admittedly), and I'd hate to see them not make a success of it. It's at 10015 Oakfield Drive SW (238-1749).

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  1. Any idea on opening hours? I live in rez at the university but am down by Heritage every afternoon for my practicum... I could hop over from there around 4:30 but wouldn't want to hang around much longer, as it's a looooong trip back to U of C by bus!

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      On the day we went (a Friday), they said they were open noon to 8 p.m. I'm not sure what their weekend hours are, though.

    2. I picked up a menu but it doesn't give the hours they are open,the tel# is 238-1749

      1. I managed to find my way south this afternoon in time to catch lunch here. Without a doubt, the best Mexican I've had in Calgary. I ordered a pork burrito with green chile sauce, and it was nicely made. The pork itself had been decently seasoned and the green chile sauce was pretty good. I'd go out of my way to eat here again.

        I had a brief chat with the (I presume) owner. He's from Mexico City. He sticks to the menu during the week but does a couple specials on the weekends depending on what mood he's in and what ingredients he can get. He encouraged me to call on Friday to find out what the specials would be for the weekend. He says that the week days can be a bit slow during the day, evenings are pretty good, but mainly anglo clientèle. The weekends bring in more of a Latino crowd.

        The restaurant space was pretty sparse. It looks like pretty fresh paint on the walls and new flooring, hopefully he gets some more/better tables in there. The aroma coming out of the kitchen makes up for the furnishings.

        Best way to get there: Take Southland Drive west until it comes to a T, turn right and it is the first plaze on the left. Its attached to a Latino grocery store.

        1. This place is good. Thank you javelina to point it out to us.
          We went there for lunch and had Alhambre Con Queso for about $10.
          Generous servings of beef, onion, red pepper, cheese with 5 tortillas.
          Turns out 5 tortillas are not enough (lots of beef), so we asked for 2 more without charge. Very very good place. According to the owner, every Saturday they have special dish. Go there and try.

          1. Got there today at 2:30 in the afternoon. As Yen mentioned the meat was warmed in the microwave but there was no rice in my tacoes. I had Alhambre Con Queso like jojok but was silly enough to stuff the meat into the 5 tortillas provided. The cheese on the tacoes is not cheddar but my husband's pork burrito did have have cheddar on top. Not traditional but he really enjoyed it.

            I think their strength is in the way they spice the food. Nice kick and loads of flavour. I'm gonna forgive them the rewarm in the microwave since the tortillas tasted really fresh. There were 5 customers that late after lunch and we were the only ones not speaking Spanish.

            Two lunches with 2 cans of pop came to $22 and I could smell the cumin on my hands all the way home.

            It's worth the drive when you really want Mexican. My husband has been to Taco del Mar (right name?) in the NE and says it is less family style.

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              This is why I love Chowhound - we made the trip into Calgary from Canmore yesterday - ostensibly to go to the somewhat tacky Xmas market at Spruce Meadows but really to hit up this Taqueria.

              What a lovely experience - really friendly staff & amazing food. My 3yo daughter, normally a slow eater, wolfed down her Quesadilla - whilst we enjoyed our mains tacos & nachos. Beautifully spiced & very, very good value - the warmth & friendliness from the staff made the meal even btter.

              Not the most visually attractive place from the outside, but in this city of style over substance - the food was outstanding.

            2. Ok now I gotta try this place. Hopfully it's still open.

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                I found this restaurant by browsing on this board back in December and have been eating there almost weekly since, it is outstanding. Definitely a bit dumpy but I look for those kind of places in my travels.

                I almost always order the Chorizo Con Queso (which isn't on the menu but they have changed to a permanent item). The Enchiladas Verdes is a great choice also. I have flown to Phoenix or Vegas on a whim just to satisfy a craving but this should save me a bit of money!

              2. Had lunch at Mi Tierra on Sunday (they are open noon-5pm Sunday, noon-8pm Tuesday to Saturday). The store is now closed, the family is focusing completely on the restaurant now, and have moved a few tables in so it is a bit easier to stay in to eat. The restaurant was packed just after lunch, full of Latino families, so service was a bit slow but friendly.

                I tried the daily special, frijoles charros, which was a spicy stew of pinto beans, tomatoes, sausage and bacon. Good and very filling. At the recommendation of the owner, I also tried the sopes: 3 thick fried tortillas, topped with beans, sour cream, lettuce and each with a different type of meat and salsa: beef, chorizo, and pork. A little heavy, but tasty.

                I like this place.

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                  had lunch again on sunday

                  i had the enchiladas verde and my gf had a shredded chicken taco and a shredded beef taco. the food was outstanding as usual. the green sauce on my enchiladas was to die for - great flavor from fresh herbs and spices and a bit of a kick (but not overly hot). my gf's tacos were delicious as well. it's nice to see that they season the beef and the chicken differently, instead of just using a single generic spice combination for all the different meats. Also, the great thing about the food at this place is that the spice combinations are unique, and vary from the stereotypical cumin/chili powder combinations at most 'mexican' restaurants.

                  so yea, the food is EXCELLENT, but there are a couple of minor things that we think could be improved. i think the prices are just a bit high for the quantity of food you get. A single taco is $3.50, and my enchilada plate was $10.50 for two very small enchiladas, rice, and beans. I'm american originally, and we have little taquerias like this on nearly every corner, and i'm used to paying way less for similar sized portions (even adjusted for exchange). I think a fairer price for a taco would be $2.50 and maybe $7.50-$8 for the enchiladas ($10.50 is too much).

                  also, it would be nice to have real plates and real silverware instead of the tin foil trays. this makes for a much more pleasant dining experience, and I imagine this would save the owners money in the long run.

                  a fuller menu with less ala carte and more combos would be welcopme as well

                  also, they need to implement the tip feature on their debit machine. i always pay with debit and couldn't add a tip today, and only had a loonie in my pocket. so i felt like a cheap ass leaving $1 on a $18 bill

                  anyhow, food is excellent at this place. i'm really surprised that this place remains relatively unknown in calgary. if they could work on some of these minor issues, i don't see why they couldn't move into a larger establishment with liquor license and full wait staff, etc.

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                    I don't know how long you've been in Calgary but unfortunately what you paid for your food is average. It generally costs more in Canada than in the US to run a restaurant... mainly because servers are paid more in terms of hourly wages here than they are in the States...and those increased costs are reflected in the prices on the menu. I don't know that we can expect them to move to a bigger space either...given the low vacancy rate in commercial space, the difficulty and delays getting permits and liquor licenses and the staffing shortages I don't know they'll move any time soon. Regarding the tinfoil trays - I think they're bad for landfill but at least it isn't styrofoam...maybe they use the foil because their business is primarily takeout?

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                      dittoing the labour cost issue- tho $3.50 is pretty ridic for a taco, we have to understand that cheap undocumented labour just doesn't exist here to the scale it does in the US.

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                        for what it's worth, i'd like to note that there is no paid wait staff at mi tierra...

                        1. re: nonlinear

                          Perhaps, but someone had to take your order and your money, and that person is drawing wages of some kind and I'd be willing to bet it's about $8-10 an hour minimum.

                          1. re: maplesugar

                            there was only one guy working there (i'm assuming he is the owner, as he is ALWAYS working there). like I said, there is no paid wait staff. figure in that it took about 45 seconds to take our order, and maybe 30 seconds to walk it out and set it on the table. doesn't add up.

                            furthermore, these prices are the same if you were to get take out.

                            I think canadians are just used to paying very high prices for things, and that's why prices remain very high even though dollar is on parity with US.

                            and, the worth of something is what someone is willing to pay. i'm not saying i won't ever go here (the food is great), however, i would go much more frequently is the prices were just a bit lower. i mean, $10.50 for a small plate of fast food enchiladas is outrageous. for that much i would expect a nice dining expereince with free salsa/chips, great service, etc.

                            1. re: nonlinear

                              After very average experiences at Juan's, Salt & Pepper and El Sombrero, we finally made the trek to Mi Tierra. My wife is from southern Idaho so she was spoiled with an abundance of quality Mexican joints growing up. I am happy to say we finally found a place that reminds her of home. I ordered the Enchiladas Verdes and she ordered the Burro de Chile Verde. Both were excellent. The green chile sauce was outstanding. I also ordered the Cochinita Pibil which was a taco of shredded pork in an orange based sauce. Fantastic!!! The owner/cook(?) also acted as our server and despite having 80% of the tables occupied, our service was still prompt and pleasant. They also served horchata which made me really happy. The owner/cook/server said to come back on the weekend where they expand their menu with Mexican specialties like chiles rellenos and frijoles charros. We will certainly be back.

                              1. re: nonlinear

                                I hear you. Doesn't make sense sometimes..but yeah I agree with you..we are canadians.

                                I too would go there more often if they lower the price just a bit.

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                          Just wanted to point out that they've started using proper plates and flatware now - no more trying to eat tostadas out of round foil trays with a plastic fork!

                      2. Hello fellow Chowhounds. After lurking on this board for months, I feel the need to post about our meal at Mi Tierra. I spent a few years living in Dallas so I've become very spoiled when it comes to Mexican and Tex-Mex food. After mediocre experiences at Juan's, Salt & Pepper, Julio's Barrio, El Sombrero, etc, I was convinced that there was no good mexican food restaurants in Calgary. Thanks to this board, I have found out that I was mistaken. We arrived at 3:00 PM for a late lunch/early dinner. The place is small with 8 or 10 tables. There were two other Latino groups eating which I hoped was a good sign. I had the Enchiladas Verdes (Two chicken enchiladas in our very famous recipe with green tomato sauce, spices and cheese) which came with rice and refried beans. I also ordered a Tinga De Res Taco (Shredded beef with chipotle and tomato sauce). My date ordered the special which was chicken Fajitas. Both combinations were excellent. The enchiladas were covered in a spicy green sauce and white cheese (no cheddar here...). The fajitas were served with no sizzling cast iron plate or cheddar and sour cream ala Chili's restaurant but they were accompanied by two very fresh soft flour tortillas and rice and beans. My date loved it. The only disappointment was the taco which was served open face on two smaller flour torillas. The shredded beef was served over top of a layer of rice and fried onions on the tortillas. The whole thing was a bit bland but I spiced it up with the green habanero sauce at the table. With tax and tip our bill was $34. When I was paying, I spoke to the owner and he said that the take out portion of his place had been open for years but he just took over the space which was occupied by a Latin market next door and expanded his operation into a sit down restaurant a few months ago. He has the classic problem of a small, growing, popular restaurant. He told me that even though the restaurant is supposed to be open until 8:00 PM on Saturdays, he's had to close at 6:00 PM because he has run out of food. He said that he only has 3 refrigerators so even though customers don't believe him when he tells them he's run out of food, he actually has. I suggest everyone go and try Mi Tierra. It's not the best Mexican food ever but for Calgary it's pretty darn good. If you go on a saturday, you may want to go early.

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                        1. re: Nealn

                          Good news. The lack of tables was an issue when we were there and the market didn't have much selction anyway.

                          1. re: Nealn

                            I'll have to try this! I didn't like Juan's at all. Thanks!

                            1. re: AriaDream

                              +1 to what everyone else said.

                              The enchilada verde is sensational, with the green chile sauce having a proper spicy kick. Now, some of the other stuff we ordered wasn’t quite as good; the chiles rellenos were a bit flabby and a lacked sparkle, all of the rice was a bit lack-lustre, but who doesn’t love refried beans?

                              OK, so it’s a long way to go for one great dish, but I am sure that a further exploration of this menu will show up some more superstars. Oh, and the décor really is a bit fast-food joint, so don’t go expecting a fine dining experience.

                              I blogged about it at http://binkysilhouette.blogspot.com/2... (in case anyone's interested :-)

                              1. re: Suzi Edwards

                                Another must have dish is the Chuletta Con Queso, it is amazing and is a generous portion. Try it out next time you are there.

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                                  I had the enchiladas verde last weekend. i've had the dish there before, and for me it's all about the salsa verdej, which is excellent. i wish i had their recipe for that. however, i was quite disappointed last weekend, as there was only about 2 tablespoons of salsa on my enchiladas! not sure if there is a tomatillo shortage or what, but I was definitely disappointed. I live near mi tierra so i dine there frequently, and it's always great, so this was an exception. anyhow, i hope this doesn't happen again!

                                  also, i agree with the other poster that the chuletta con queso is pretty good, however IMO there are several other dishes at mi tierra that are better. the flavors are great, but i've found the pork to be dry at times, and the 'melted' cheese is usually congealed by the time it arrives at the table, making the whole thing into a big pork/cheese blob... they really need to serve on a cast iron dish or something so the cheese remains melted.

                                  1. re: nonlinear

                                    Long time lurker, first time poster - We finally made the effort to go to Mi Tierra after hearing great things for the last couple of years. Service was friendly and efficient and the food was fantastic.

                                    I had a brief chat with the woman running the till and she mentioned that they are going to be opening a second location (near Heritage and Macleod) in December. My only wish is that there was something closer to the core!

                                    I'm looking forward to going again - this will be my Mexican restaurant of choice from here on out.

                                    1. re: Richmond Green

                                      Well at least Heritage (in London condos I wonder?) is on the LRT.

                                      1. re: John Manzo

                                        The last time we were at Mi Tierra, the owner was talking about taking over a restaurant space that had housed a chinese spot before; I believe that would be the SE corner of Heritage/Fairmont. He was quite excited at the thought of working out of a kitchen that had been actually designed to be a kitchen instead of making do in the current spot. Sounds like he has managed to get the space...

                                      2. re: Richmond Green

                                        HOLY CRAP you guys, i hope you are all right about this location on heritage and macleod or fairmount... Mi Tierra is seriously one of my favorite restaurants in the city, and both of either of these locations on heritage are walking distance from my condo. can anyone get more information, PLEASE!?!?!?!?!?!

                                        1. re: nonlinear

                                          tex is correct, that is indeed the new location. They have been having problems getting a liquor license in the original spot and have solved that problem by buying the restaurant with a liquor permit at the spot that was a chinese restaurant at Mcleod and Heritage. The owner was mentioning that they were going to probably give up on getting a permit at the original spot since they have applied several times, made all changes requested, and then still denied with each new inspector wanting something else changed.

                                          The new location will definitely be a bit more convenient for me also, I really can't get enough of this restaurant!

                                          1. re: The Winger

                                            Finally tried Mi Tierra yesterday. It was AWESOME! We thoroughly enjoyed our selves and will be going back soon. He mentioned the new location at McLeod and Heritage and that they should be open by the end of November.

                                            1. re: Merry113

                                              We've been semi - regulars since the spring (09) and can't get enough of it. Their Sopes are incredible, to the point where I went through withdrawal when they were temporarily out of ingredients.
                                              Their new restaurant (they're also keeping the original) will be in the same mall as the Parthenon, which is at Fairview & Heritage.

                                              Mi Tierra
                                              10015 Oakfield Dr SW, Calgary, AB T2V, CA

                                              1. re: Conrad

                                                yay - do they have good mole sauce? We'll definitely have to try this one either at Oakridge or the new location!

                                                1. re: Snicker

                                                  new local will have a licence to serve liquor. very good food one of my favorites

                              2. Anyone have an update on their progress at the new location? It's fairly close to where I work and I need another food option for lunch!

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                                  i was in last weekend and they were still aiming for a late November opening. If you go to their current location, you can put your email on a list, and they will send you a notice when they're open.

                                  1. re: nonlinear

                                    Stopped in at their new location yesterday (December 14/09) and they have suffered some delays so expect to open around the beginning of January.

                                    Much larger!

                                    Again, their location is on Fairmont Drive, just on the south side of Heritage, beside the Parthenon restaurant.

                                    The name of their new location is "Tu Tierra""

                                    Mi Tierra
                                    10015 Oakfield Dr SW, Calgary, AB T2V, CA

                                    1. re: Conrad

                                      drove by this afternoon and saw that they have their sing up. it's actually quite comical - it's the old China City sign (shaped like a chinese roof thing) that still says China City, but below that they put in a sign that says "Mi Tierra." I actually didn't notice if is said Tu or Mi, as i was driving, but it's kinda funny that they kept the China City sign. I wonder if they intend to keep that for the long haul. At any rate, hurry up Hector! it's hard to justify driving all the way to the original location when I know i'll just be able to walk to your new location in a few weeks :P

                                      1. re: nonlinear

                                        Stopped by for a moment today - Jan 26/10 and they're not open yet. Chatted with the guy doing the sign, and it will be modified to look like a Mexican Hat, so the Chinese wings will stay, sort of. Apparently they decided to take that route due to problems getting a new sign permit if they went with a completely new one.
                                        Don't know when they'll open, but peering through the windows I saw what looks like a restaurant ready to open.

                                        1. re: Conrad

                                          Last week Hector thought they would be open by Monday, but when I called yesterday they said it would open on Wednesday.

                                        2. re: nonlinear

                                          drove by last night and the paper had been taken off the front windows.

                                          1. re: nonlinear

                                            Called again today, and Hector is working away in the kitchen getting prepped for opening tomorrow (Thursday).

                                            1. re: truthserum

                                              Just stopped in again (Wednesday, January 27/10) and had a good visit with Diana. They passed their final inspection today, and as truthserum said, they are prepping the kitchen for tomorrow, when they will be open at noon. Looks really nice inside I have to say.
                                              The story on the sign is that they no longer allow signs of that size anymore so they have to modify what already exists.
                                              Since I'm leaving town in the morning for a month I'll be watching here for comments on the new place!

                                  2. we just got back from dinner at the new location, Tu Tierra, at 8316 Fairmount Drive Southeast. They just opened this afternoon (!!!) and we were thoroughly satisfied, as always! The restaurant was quite busy, especially considering they don't yet have a light on their sign outside and haven't announced their opening to the public. (in fact, i think the notes on chowhond are the only 'public' announcement of today's opening). I'm really happy they were doing so well even on their first night. I love this place and really, really want this to work for these folks. :)

                                    This new space is a vast improvement over the original location (which is still in operation), both in terms of location and size; Mi Tierra is growing into its skin very well). The space is much larger than the original location - about 4 or 5 times the size (?) - and has probably about 20 tables or so. The old China City space underwent quite a renovation. The wall that previously separated the dining room and the lounge has been removed, resulting in two separate but unified rooms. The room in the back has a small bar with cash register, and is quite a bit larger than the first room. This provides a bit more elbow room than in the first room, where some of the tables are packed just a bit tight. I think i'll sit in the back room on future visits.

                                    As I mentioned before, this space is a vast improvement over the previous location. It's quite apparent that more time and money has been spent on the renovations. The walls are painted with the same sort of mexican theme as the original location.. the floors are covered in thick tiles which give a nice, solid feel underfoot. The tables and chairs are much sturdier than at the first location, which is nice... sometimes I thought i might break those tables and chairs heheh.

                                    The food is the same awesome fare we've come to expect from these folks, although the menu is a bit larger. There are more burritos, some more tacos, a new desserts section, etc. I noticed that the prices had risen a bit on each entree, however I was amazed at the size of our meals... MUCH larger than at the previous location. The new plates are large ovals, and the food portions have been adjusted to fill the space. (i'm guessing that's why the prices have gone up a bit, too). So all in all, Tu Tierra is STILL excellent value for the money... quite refreshing in the otherwise overpriced food scene of calgary.

                                    I had the tacos al pastor - delicious as always. The tortillas that come with the tacos are now fried (as opposed to being steamed), and the amount of taco filling has increased by about 30% or so. They no longer have bottles of El Yucateco on the tables. I'm not sure if this is because they are just opening, or because this is more of a 'restaurant," but I soon realized it didn't really matter because my plate of tacos included a little dish of AWESOME spicy salsa (like a runny sauce, not a pico de gallo-type) which I assume was made in-house. However, I did miss the green tomatillo salsa that was formerly served with the tacos. Might have to ask for a side of this next time.

                                    My friend had a chile verde burrito (steak cubes inside), and that thing was GIANT! I had a taste and it was good as ever. Tu Tierra has a damn good salsa verde!

                                    all the usual characters were working... :) hector back in the kitchen, working his magic, and the very friendly waiter lady who i think is his sister-in-law (don't know her name, though). They actually remembered us from the previous location and gave us a very warm welcome... So excited that they have moved into the neighborhood!

                                    Didn't get a chance to check the hours, but it would be great if they were open a bit later than the original location, say 9 or 10.

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                                    1. re: nonlinear

                                      Thanks for the comprehensive review - I've never been to their original location but will definitely check this one out. Can't wait - my mouth is watering.

                                      1. re: nonlinear

                                        My wife and I stopped in at Tu Tierra last night as well. Diana said it was a "soft opening", as they were down to the wire with the last inspection just before they opened. There were also a few other last minute glitches they were working through (credit card payment machine seemed to be having some issues, liquor license hasn't come through yet, and a problem with one oven). Those wrinkles should all be ironed out very soon and then they will have a more public launch.

                                        I would definitely echo nonlinear's comments. The new place looks great, and much larger (Diana said the capacity is 79 seats). Hector is still making magic in the kitchen, and the portions are certainly bigger. The table beside us had enchiladas, which now come with three instead of two. Many of the previous daily specials like chiles rellenos and the pork chop in chipotle sauce are now on the menu too. We had Sopes to start, and ended up taking some of the pork chops home (lunch will be very good today).

                                        Congratulations to Hector, Diana, and the rest of the team at Tu Tierra. Hector always spoke about wanting to share authentic Mexican cooking with more people, and adding Tu Tierra should make that a lot easier to do.

                                        1. re: truthserum

                                          Glad to hear everything went well on their first day! Can't wait to get back to Calgary and give it a try.
                                          In my chat with Diana on Wednesday she mentioned that Mi Tierra sits 44, so Tu Tierra is only twice the size - I certainly would have estimated the same size difference as nonlinear!!!
                                          Also, they are thinking of having a grand opening around March 1, after they've had a chance to wring out the wrinkles.

                                          1. re: Conrad

                                            I just got in the door coming home from Tu Tierra. Finally a place that can help me get over Chico's Tacate. I will still miss the salsa bar but now I can get a terrific burrito or enchilada. Most importanly for myself I can get excellent steak tacos. YES!!

                                            The paint smell is pretty bad and I have a cold but my complainer wife didn't seem to mind and fully enjoyed her seafood burito.

                                            There's not much for picky kids so we fed them chips and my daughter even ate the mild salsa which is delicious but is a proper mild so it has a small bite. There's one taco with ground beef and tomato sauce that says it's good for kids, we'll be checking that out next time.

                                            My buddy who went last week with me to Las Tortillas thought there was something missing until we asked for a little cilantro then he thought they were just as good but for the extra 50cents a better value because they have more filling.

                                            1. re: The Gut

                                              I stopped in to the new location for lunch on Friday afternoon after reading the reviews on here over the past few years. I still had not had a chance to visit the original location, but since the new location is quite close to my office I thought I would step in.

                                              Hands down the best Mexican food I've had in Calgary, and it rates up there with some of the best Mexican I've had period.

                                              I had the Enchiladas Verde and it was absolutely perfect. The Verde was just tangy enough and balanced by the bite in the salsa. Considering it was their first lunch open it was quite busy which gave me an opportunity to see quite a few other dishes as they went by me to other tables. The burritos look great (and big!) - I can't wait to come back and try all of the other items on the menu. I think the tacos pastor will be up next for me.

                                              Dianne was very nice and asked how I heard of them and I said Chowhound. She nodded with a kind of "Wow - another Chowhounder" expression which leads me to beleive that they have amassed a pretty loyal following on this board. Way to go everyone! This is the kind of support that local establishments like this need!

                                              It's great to have another spot to add into my lunch rotation and I'm already looking forward to the next trip.

                                              1. re: Catch22

                                                we went last night to there new location, along with a few friends visiting from mexico. they wanted an authentic mexican meal - and they were very impressed!! It was amazing - so good!!! our friends were getting all excited over the menu and started ordering a ton of things for the table. It was so authentic - the enchilades Mole was amazing, sweet and spicy and the tacos for $3.50 were huge, they give you an extra tortilla but i needed three!!
                                                Try the dessert too!! mmmm!! Best mexican in the city!!!!!!!

                                                1. re: teaspoonollie

                                                  Stopped in at Tu Tierra tonight, and found out that they now have their liquor license. We had already ordered a pitcher of horchata before Diana came around the corner and told us about now having margaritas and beer available. Guess we'll just have to go back again soon.
                                                  The chipotle pork chops and enchiladas mole were great as always, and Diana even had the kitchen tweak one of the other enchiladas to make it spicier for a friend that really likes the heat.

                                                  1. re: truthserum

                                                    Had the best Tres Leches cake I have eaten outside of Texas along with awesome enchiladas. I have a new favourite Mexican spot and its within walking distance of my parents house. Reasonable prices and friendly service as well.

                                                    1. re: Paksenn

                                                      Damn... we were there on Saturday and saw the Tres Leches cake on the board for desert, but I was far too full to attempt it. Will have to try and pace myself the next time....

                                        2. re: nonlinear

                                          Tu Tierra is closed for renos until mid October. Mi Tierra is still open.

                                          Mi Tierra
                                          10015 Oakfield Dr SW, Calgary, AB T2V, CA

                                          Tu Tierra Restaurant
                                          8316 Fairmount Dr SE #30, Calgary, AB T2H 0Y8, CA

                                          1. re: alley

                                            closed for renos?didnt they just open?whats up with that?

                                            1. re: howlin

                                              Yes I was surprised. I was there on Sunday and there was no mention of closing. Then drove by earlier this week and it was closed. Will try to find out from the other restaurant what is going on.