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Nov 11, 2007 05:41 AM

TRE SCALINI,South Philly

I can't tell you how the food is at this restaurant because we walked out before our meal arrived..........yes, that's husband and I and 4 food loving, hungry friends left after waiting two hours for our APPETIZERS!! not our main course..........just our salads!! how can this be you say?? we don't know because we never saw our waiter again after placing our order. this is a BYO and he never even came back to refill our glasses. I guess you could say this is not just a byo but possibly a cook your own and then serve your own kind of place because we didn't see any signs of cooking and serving by the staff go on for the two hours we were seated and we were next to the kitchen. we had a reservation for 7:30 and yes, we arrived at 7:30 on the nose. the good news was, our table was waiting for us. we were greeted by the waiter who gave us our menus and promptly took our orders. what happened after that is anyones guess. the table next to us arrived just after us and they too sat and sat and wondered "Where's the food"?? I suppose you could say they were busy but for a Sat. night but it was not unusual for what we thought was a recommended spot by the oh so in the know Mr.Craig LeBain of the Philadelphia Inquirer. at 9:20 our salads arrived and I have to say my ceasar salad was mostly salt with some wilty greens and salty croutons. we finally made the decision that if that's what the rest of the meal would consist of we may as well call it a night and save our money. we corked our wines and headed for the door. no one stopped us or tried to apologize. we headed to Mara's down the street and had our pizzas and mussels on our table by 10 pm. I can say the pizza was wonderful but I wouldn't drive 50 minutes in from the suburbs, pay the babysitter $40 dollars for the 5 hours we were out to eat pizza in the city........maybe if it was Pine Street Pizza.

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  1. Wow, something really must have been off. I don't blame you though for walking out, I'm surprised you waited that long for the apps! I've not had a problem, and in fact, when we were there our waiter & the owner were both at our table plently just talking to my kids. We had a great experience. Sorry it was a bad night- curious if anyone else has experienced that...

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      hi Pamd, thanks for your post. ironically, good friends of one of the couples we were with last night was there as well at the same time as us! we didn't see them but spoke to them this morning and they said that they too had to wait a very long time and received dessert and coffee on the house because of the delay. they did say that the food was outstanding and that they'd return. I'm so bummed because we waited a month for this night out at Tre and not getting to try the food was really a disappointment. i'm very surprised that they have not called me to explain or apologize. i know they have my phone number because they called during the day to confirm our party of six.

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        They probably don't know why you left. Why don't you call and speak to the manager?

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          hi saturninus, we did ask the maitre de right before our salads came out what the delay was........we did not get a clear answer.....nor did our waiter come to our table after that to explain. like I said earlier, our waiter basically disowned us for some unknown reason. no one came to our table to refill a wine glass, water glass or refill the bread basket once. we were so engrossed in each others stories etc. that we really didn't take note until we finally looked at our watches and realized it was almost 90 minutes that we'd been seated and our appetizers were nowhere to be seen. i feel like the restaurant owes us a phone call to explain what happened. had we stayed, our bill would have included 18% gratuity because we were a party of six or more. how would we have felt at that point??? what did our waiter do to earn that kind of tip??? absolutely least if he had serviced us during our 90 minutes and if the salads had been worthy, maybe we would have stuck it out.

          1. re: phillygirl

            I really wonder though if the owner knew- I talked with him at our table when we were there & he was unbelievable friendly, a very family type nice guy. Honestly, I would call and ask for him, and get an explanation. Perhaps he was not around and needs to know.

    2. You probably did what you should have. I would have probably yelled at someone and then gotten my wife pissed at me for making an ass out of myself. But anyway, did you see any wait staff or restaurant employees during that time? It's absolutely amazing to me that you stayed as long as you did.

      1. Wow, I am so glad you posted this. I am coming to Philly next weekend and having dinner out with 10 friends and tre scalini was on my short list of possible locations... although I appreciate from the other posts that it's probably not a bad restaurant, a wait like that would really sour my trip.