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Fave Gnocchi dishes?

i would love to know what are your favorite gnocchi dishes in town. i had a great one that Sage made but that was years ago... thanks in advance.

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  1. My faves are the gnocchi in the No. 9 Park system, which I ate at the Butcher Shop http://www.chowhound.com/topics/37740... and at Grotto in Beacon Hill.

    37 Bowdoin Street, Boston, MA 02114

    No 9 Park
    9 Park Street, Boston, MA 02108

    Butcher Shop
    552 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02118

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      Wholeheartedly second the recommendation for Grotto. Union also has a delicious appetizer of duck confit and gnocchi that is back on the menu now that the cold weather is here.

      Union Bar and Grille
      1357 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02118

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        I'll jump on the Grotto bandwagon here,,,short rib gnocchi, yum and I also had a very respectable gnocchi at Pigalle.

        75 Charles Street South, Boston, MA 02116

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          I just had the gnocchi at Union last night...they offer it as an app or an entree, and I had the entree...ended up taking half of it home, and it was fantastic! Lovely light gnocchi, duck confit, orange, grilled radicchio, and rosemary....very rich and delicious...I highly recommend it!

      2. I had a great crab gnocchi appetizer at Rendezvous last week. Quite a light dish, with juicy corn and little tomatoes and succulent lumps of crab meat. I could have eaten a whole bowl of it.

        1. Yum... I had the gnocchi appitizer at Chiara in Westwood last night and it was very good. It was simple, with wild mushrooms, and very satisfying.

          1. No 9 Park and the Butcher shop I second... At No 9 it is served with foie Gras...Mmmmm

            1. i didn't know what real gnocchi tasted like until i had it at the grotto. its amazing how many places serve up bad gnocchi (heavy, dense, gummy). am very hesitant to order it out now but will have to give these other suggestions a try.

              1. I will jump on the Grotto bandwagon, the short rib gnocci is unbelievable and just for some variation I'll throw in Taranta's gnocchi, they usually feature it during RW.

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                  Sad to say the gnocchi I had at Taranta were dense. The sauteed gnocchi I've had at Sel de la Terre have been terrific.

                2. Thanks for all your thoughts. Has anyone seen gnocchi served here that is made from ricotta ?

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                    I was just about to chime in with my Ricotta Gnocchi recommendation, at Bon Caldo in Norwood (on Rte. 1). It's probably out of your way, but their ricotta gnocchi are the best I've had around here

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                      The "ricotta dumplings" at Oleana are heavenly.

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                        I believe there's usually a ricotta gnocchi on the menu at Rialto. Everytime I've had Jody Adams' gnocchi they're melted in my mouth....

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                          Blue Room makes an out of this world ricotta gnocchi. YUM!

                        2. The only dish that I like at Lineage in Brookline is thier Gnocchi. Its actually pan seared after it has been cooked, giving it a nice carmelization. The the serve it tossed in brown butter and serve it with scallops. It's quite tasty.

                          1. I had a cassava root gnocchi at Orinoco several months ago that came as part of a special roast chicken that was out of this world. Don't know how often it is on the menu.

                            1. Cafe Fleuri had an interesting wild rice gnocchi at their Sunday jazz brunch

                              1. The gnocchi I've had at Trattoria Toscana are arguably the best I've had since I was in Settingnano(in the hills above Florence 2 years ago) I've had 2 different preps there. One with gorgonzola which was good and one with a meat sauce that was to die for.

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                                  I'll second your rave for the gnocchi with meat sauce at Trattoria Toscana. Really impressive on both the gnocchi (marvelously light) and the meat sauce (not a standard red sauce meat sauce, but still delicious).

                                  Haven't tried the other version. Too much food, too little time!

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                                    Just came back from dinner at Trattoria Toscana and I got the gnocchi however it was in a white/creamy sauce. I thought it was good, but it was so rich I couldn't have more than a few bites. I wouldn't rank it as one of the best gnocchi dishes in the Boston area. Maybe the one with meat sauce was better?

                                2. Taranta on Hanover st in the North End has my favorite Gnocchi. It is a cassava root gnocci with lamb ragu.

                                  1. Ditto to Grotto. I've had ones at Sage in the past, but not their current menu, that are quite lovely. While I like the ragu on Taranta's signature dish, their gnocchi are a little too dense and gummy for me. Stay away from Rocca's - scary-bad. The seared version I tasted recently at Ten Tables were extraordinary.

                                    1. I loved the Gnocchi at No 9 and I also had a stellar dish at Sel de La Terre. Its always on/ off/on the menu so be sure to try it when its there.

                                      1. I had really really delicious wild mushroom gnocchi at Pops in the south end. The gnocchi was perfect and the mushrooms were great (although there was 1 that was a little tough, not quite choice). Overall I thought it was lovely.

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                                          I like Pops for some things --good fish n chips, great spinach salad, had a tasty mahi-mahi there tonight, served w/coconut rice (on RW menu)..but i have to disagree on the gnocchi. Had it once (maybe 2x?) and they were leaden little dough balls. Gnocchi should be light and airy and very simply prepared; I still remember a dinner I had 5 years ago at Blu, with a heavenly gnocchi light as a feather. The Gnocchi at No 9 park are also perfect. IMO there are very few places that do it right.

                                        2. A recent meal at Bina - the gnocci were incredibly rich and light. The only downside is they serve too many - it's a guilty meal (but great).

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                                            I second the Gnocchi at BIna served with Calamari, Clams and the Chorizo chips, it is an incredible dish. The first time I had it they substituted Lobster for the Calamari as well, both times it was spot on.

                                            1. re: Matt H

                                              Two really good ones I've had lately: the one at Bina, and one at Via Matta.

                                          2. The wild mushroom gnocchi at Sportello is the best gnocchi I have ever eaten.

                                            348 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02110

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                                              The gnocchi at Prezza is served with rabbit in a butter sauce and very tasty.

                                            2. the gnocchi at Luccia's in the North end and Carlos in Brighton are both wonderful - the perfect amount of tomato sauce and cheese and al dente! i have yet to try gnocchi as good as it is there!

                                              1. love the gnocchi and short rib ragu at highland kitchen in somerville.

                                                1. the gnocchi at taranta are fantastic.

                                                  1. had the gnocchi appetizer at Franklin Southie last night- it was unreal... literally can't stop thinking about it!

                                                    1. Fiorellas in Newton does a good baked gnocchi dish. Wonderful sauce. They also do a good diavolo gnocchi dish on the specials menu.