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Nov 11, 2007 03:26 AM

Ono Desserts - The Little Oven

After a semi-regular pizza run to PizzaRina for dinner, some friends and I saw a new place Just Ewa of the intersection of S. King and Kaheka. The Little Oven is a great place for desserts and snacks. Open from 6:30pm to Midnight Wed-Sat, and 10am-2pm on Sundays they have an interesting variety of treats.

We tried the bread pudding (light and almost soufle like, with a great flavor) a panna cotta (very fresh and tasty) chocolate lavosh (brownies cooked as a lavosh), shoo-fly tart (more cakey than gooey, great flavor), Roasted Vanilla Lemonade (interesting flavor that hooks you) and a chocolate malt (ummmm... homemade ice milk).

Around the end of the month they servre KC style Waffle Dogs, and they had Saimin on the menu.. was tempted, but had just finished a fair amount of pizza. They also do custom cakes that must be delicious.

Everything was fresh, meticulously prepared, and served with a smile by the Owner/Pastry Chef and a couple of her friends. We will be going back.

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  1. Oh, you got my heart skipping a beat when you mentioned KC Drive In's waffle dogs. I was hoping you were going to say that they were going to serve the same things until I read that it's a dessert place...rats! Dang, I miss that place!

    1. A new bakery?! That's it, I've gotta make a trip home soon...especially once I read the part about bread pudding!!!

      1. hey - just checked this place out last night -- pretty damn tasty! also had the bread pudding which was nice, warm, comforting - nothing out of the ordinary but i think she was going for traditional comfort dessert. served with a nice creme anglaise. the money shot was a meyer lemon pudding cake with fresh persimmon and a persimmon puree/creme anglaise sauce...this was really light and creamy, so refreshing. persimmons weren;t ripe which was a bummer, but i can;t have it all i suppose. she garnishes everything with nice fresh fruit...the presentations are pleasing though nothing innovative --> pet peeve, 2 of our desserts were served on glass plates, which take something away for me -- the food on them doesnt POP out at you, just kind of blends in with the table and looks drab. but its nice to know you can get some quality dessert when you please. the coffee could have been stronger, the brownie lavash was great, the chantilly cupcake was very good, but ultimately a cupcake. i will definitely go back, looks like her featured treats change pretty often, and she's really nice and obviously loves what she's up to.....