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Nov 11, 2007 03:01 AM

Zuriga Goes Hakka

We finally got to Dalchini in WImbledon Park last night. The Hakka cuisine was new for both myself and Mr. Zuriga, he of the love it spicey school. I enjoyed the restaurant very much and only wished there had been some others with us in order to enjoy more tasting of different dishes. Neither he nor I are large eaters now that our metabolism has died. After the delicious starters of potato pecoras and steamed wontons (both were fantastic - served with lime chutney and a tomato-type sauce), I could have gone home happy.

I didn't understand why my main of crispy lamb had no chilies next to it on the menu and DH's had one chili. When we started eating, his prawn Manchurian was much less hot than my lamb. I should have asked the waiter but didn't want to spoil the mood. Both were delicious and I'm sure almost anything on the menu is cooked well. I was sorry to miss the aromatic crispy time.

The restaurant is in a strange location it seemed to me - a rather dingy row of shops, but inside it was just fine and the service was excellent ....until we paid the bill. We didn't get a thank you or goodbye or opening of the door. It was full up at 8 and the waiters did look busy. We skipped dessert, but some of the choices were interesting and can be seen on the web page.

So if you want something new, Dalchini is right at the WImbledon Park Tube station - not all that long a journey on the District Line.

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  1. Thanks for the report and glad you enjoyed it. Shame that I didn't see your post until this morning otherwise I would have recommended specific dishes like chilli chicken and vegetable manchurian as these are quintessential Hakka dishes and great for the first timer. Still sounds like you'll go back and sample more of the menu and yes you should go in a group so as to get a good spread of dishes and a real multitude of flavours etc.