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Nov 10, 2007 11:02 PM

First trip to Barcelona! Where to eat?!?! (Coming from San Francisco, LA and Chicago)

I will be visiting Barcelona for the first time during Jan 3rd to January 10th (after a trip to London for NYE)! Coming from San Francisco, and going there with 2 friends from Chicago and Los Angeles (also first timers).

We actually don't even have a place to stay yet, so reccomendations which areas/neighborhoods to stay are more than welcome too..also willing to venture a little out of town for good eats and gain some adventure by doing so.

Also looking for more relatively moderate to cheaper eats; no super high-class dining needed.

So..first, please give me some recommendations on the BEST "quintissential" and cultural foods that Barcelona has got to offer.

..and even possibly what to do with the food, when to eat a certain food, how to eat certain foods, and any other cultural etiquettes related to food or restaurants.

second: I love all kinds of foood, Im open to anything just as long as its awesome; this can be anything from asia, southeast asia, south america, central america, africa, european, thai, vietnamese, chinese, japanese (izakaya/yakitori, ramen), sandwiches, mexican, cuban, puerto rican, portugese, checkered-table-cloth italian, irish, indian, pakistan, jamaican, etc. etc

third: any other recommendations I forgot to ask, or that would interest me

Any help greatly appreciated :)

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  1. Stay at Banys Orientals, one of the cheapest hotels in Barcelona, yet charming, elegant, and in the best location, in the trendy el Born district. There is a restaurant in the hotel, Senyor Parellada, which is also inexpensive, and serves tasty traditional Catalan food. The street where the hotel is located, Calle Argenteria, has many restaurants and tapas bars.

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      niiice! I'll look into it and research more. Thanks for the tips :)

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        I will be staying at Hotel Banys Orientals from December 28th to 30th with 2 friends for mine. On the 31st, we will have to move from Hotel Banys Orientals to Casa Camper which is in Eixample district. I am not happy about moving but we have no choice. How Eixample district restaurant scene is compared to El Born District? Do you know?

        We would love to have nice sit down dinner one night. We made a reservation at Casa Calvet for New Year Eve. Is this good a choice for dinner?

        Any advises would be greatly appreciated.

        Thank you.

        1. re: noi

          Don't feel bad about moving to the Eixample. It is different from el Born, very elegant and formal, as opposed to the casual trendy feeling of el Born, and most of the city's best restaurants are located there. The 3 high-end restaurants that we went to were all in the Eixample. El Born has some very good moderately priced restaurants. I think you will enjoy the contrast. Also, Barcelona is not that big, you can walk from el Born to Eixample very easily, or take the subway or a short taxi ride.

          1. re: rrems

            Thank you for your replay. I feel better now, and I am looking forward to go one the trip.

          2. re: noi

            Casa Camper is in El Ravel, the area opposite side of La Rambla from the Barri Gotic. The restaurants mainly cater to locals and the many art students around the modern art museum. One won't find a lively scene at night as that of El Born/La Ribera or parts of the Eixample.

            1. re: PBSF

              Thanks! I love to go where the local hangouts are. Do you where Casa Calvet is? Have you heard of it?

              1. re: noi

                Casa Calvet, located in the lower part of the Eixample, is a restaurant converted from a Gaudi building. I have not eaten there or know anyone that has. Sorry that I can't be more helpful.

        2. I was in Barcelona in Sept. and my 2 favorite places were Cal Pep (near El Born in Barceloneta), a fish tapas place, and Ciudad Condal, near Placa Catalunya, a great tapas place for lunch--I had superb and unforgettable meals at both. Have a great time--Barcelona rocks!

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              1. What about some late-night or 24 hour spots that are great, for those long night of partying?

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                  Unlike Madrid, Barcelona isn't a late-night city for eating. Rarely will restaurants seat past 11pm. Best bets are tapas/pinxto places that open until midnight: Tapac24, La Cerverseria Catalana or Paco Meralgo. Past midnight, one will find a few on the beginning of Pg de Gracia, on Pg Born and around La Rambla/c. Ferrand. These can be lively but not much for food.