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Nov 10, 2007 09:55 PM

Japanese food in East Bay

Anywhere from Berkeley all the way out to Walnut Creek I have not been able to find well done Japanese food besides Ryowa or Kirala . Are those really the only 2 places? Does anyone know of anywhere else to try.

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  1. Uzen on College Ave. is quite good. Lovely, simple nigiri, often w/ a few specials flown in from Japan. None of those crazy 27 ingredient rolls the size of a burrito. Not a large cooked menu, but their udon is very nice (great texture on the noodles), tonkatsu is nice (unusually nice meat under the breading), and their miso soup is my favorite (I'm not usually a big fan, but this is much more flavorful than most). I've also had a nice chawan-mushi here. The only real dud for me is their nasu dengaku, which is sad, because I love eggplant.