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Nov 10, 2007 07:32 PM

Need Ideas Recipes for Sauce to Serve with Bread Pudding

I made the prune bread pudding from the recipe board tonight to soak overnight and cook tomorrow at a dinner party for my father. I substituted cinnamon bread for the croissants. I want to serve with a sauce that I can make now and reheat tomorrow. I have some very thick and sweet caramel sauce and a can of evaporated milk. Do you think if I mixed the two, I may end up with a caramel creme anglaisy-sort-of-sauce?

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  1. You could add about 3 T of rum to that. You may have to cook it to thicken it.

    1. I think that would probably work, as long as you give the sauce enough time to cook.

      I love bread pudding and I usually make a very simple vanilla sauce that thickens as it cools:

      Simple is usually the best way to go. Caramel sauce with evaporated milk sounds like it would be delicious!

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        I use a similar vanilla sauce, but I add more nutmeg, 2x vanilla and about 1/2 C of bourbon(Makers Mark or Jack Daniels). It can be flambéed if you prefer.