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Nov 10, 2007 03:23 PM

C'mon is Nobu that bad?!

Hi I had a stellar omekase there many moons ago (10 years?) and have raved about it ever since. My hubby is just discovering japanese food and I have been his fine dining guide since we met 6 years ago. So we booked it for our anniversery dinner on 11/17. Will we really be miserable or is it possible to have a good time with cocktails, sake, omakase and dessert and 2 still lovestruck people???

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  1. No. Nobu is not bad at all. Many people love Nobu. I would guess that most people here just think it is over-hyped and over-priced.

    1. it's not that it's BAD, it's just overrated...there are better places to go, but your meal will be good.

      1. I've heard positive things from everyone -- and it is the favorite of several friends. I haven't been, but it surely can't be bad.

        Happy anniversary!

        1. Nobu isn't really known for sushi. I don't think many people would place it in the upper echelon of sushi restaurants in NYC. It is better known for it's cooked foods.

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            Nobu bashing is pretty popular, the Sushi isnt that bad its just not that spectacular either, the food is always really good though. Its the same food / menu that made the place famous and its still great. Its lost a bit of its luster but..especially if you havent been before im sure you will enjoy it. we have always had great service and a great meal every time we have gone

          2. The one time I ate there (last year) I was extremely disappointed. The sushi was not not impressive. The cooked food was better but it didn't impress.

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              Thanks all for being honest. I think at this point we will keep our res and have fun, knowing it won't be the best best ever.....

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                just want to echo everyone else in saying that their cooked dishes are really outstanding and for omakase try elsewhere. You should absolutely take him but stick with cooked foods. My fiancee is a sushi/japanese food snob and love, love, loves Nobu, will go at any chance he gets, but we don't order much sushi. Enjoy and have fun!