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Nov 10, 2007 02:49 PM

Chelsea market and Dinner recs for next Fri

My mom and I are going to NYC next Friday to see Emeril Live. We are looking for recommendations for where to grab a quick bite to eat before the show at Chelsea Market (show is at 1:00 pm).

We are also looking for recommendations for dinner. I'm not sure what we'll be doing in between seeing the show and taking the train home from Grand Central Station so we're not set on a location. We'd like something casual (we don't want to have to change for dinner). Price range: looking for a restaurant with entrees up to the mid-20's perhaps more if you think it's worth it. With our budget and my mom's preferences I would stray away from sushi. I was thinking maybe Perilla (I'm a big fan of Harold)? Would this be a good choice? Any other suggestions?

Sorry I can't be more specific on location/cuisine. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Go to The Green Table in the Chelsea Market. Great, organic, local food. There are some reviews on earlier postings if you search. Was there a few weeks ago and loved it.

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      emphatically second the recommendation for the green table. here's a relatively recent thread:

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        Emphatically thirded. =) It's simple food with few innovative touches, but the ingredients are really top of the line and that's what makes all the difference. Entrees will run you less than $10, but you won't find much better food for more. Afterwards, follow your nose to Fat Witch for a brownie.

      2. For a quick bite in the market, try Sarabeth's or Ronnybrook Dairy. Also, L'Arte del Gelato, in front of Bowery Kitchen Supply, has seriously delicious gelato.

        For dinner in that vicinity, Gascogne, on 8th Av., b/t 17th & 18th Sts., is a small, charming bistro with delicious French cuisine.

        Close to Grand Central, Cibo, on the corner of 2nd Av. & 41st St., serves very good Tuscan/New American cuisine. In addition to the a la carte menu, they offer a 3-course dinner prix-fixe for $35. Attractive, comfortable atmospherics.

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          In the Chelsea area my rec would be for Crispo. (I'll be there myself 2 Saturdays from now!)
          In the Grand Central area, I highly recommend Vice Versa.
          Both menus can be googled.

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            Thanks for the suggestions so far. I've already been to Gascogne for brunch (excellent three course prix-fixe brunch out in their gorgeous garden patio) so I would like to try something else. I think I'll look into Cibo and Vice Versa since the location would be convenient to take the train home afterwards.

        2. Both Crispo and Vice Versa would be execellent choices, but since you mentioned Perilla, I would say that would be superior foodwise.

          1. Perilla is not too far from the Chelsea Market. (they're both in my neighborhood). You could spend some time wandering around the West Village (great shopping on upper Bleecker). Anyway it sounds like Perilla would be a good fit if you are a Harold fan and are not looking to dress up.

            If they are still on the menu, go for the guinea hen with spaetzle or the truffle risotto for main dishes. And there is also a peanut butter dessert -- like a frozen mouse with a concord grape sorbet -- that is totally to die for.

            Try calling them directly if you can't get in through menupages. That is what we usually end up doing.

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              Whoops, I meant through Doh!

            2. Thanks for all the responses. At Chelsea market we grabbed some pastry's at Amy's bread for a snack before Emeril (the Almond Brioche was delicious!) and then had some lobster bisque at the Lobster Place. I would have liked some more lobster meat and a little more flavor to it but it was satisfying.

              For dinner we ended up at Perilla and I'm so happy I finally got to try Harold's restaurant. For an appetizer we split the duck meatballs which were heavenly. Excellently flavored with a little kick to them. My only comment would be that I thought the quail egg should have been poached slightly instead of completely raw. The completely raw egg didn't do much for me. Entrees were: the hanger steak with a roasted shallot jus, chanterelle mushrooms, and sunchoke creamed spinach and the eggplant cannelloni with mushrooms and truffle-carnood sauce. The steak was cooked perfectly and had so much almost didn't need the accompaniments (although the sunchoke creamed spinach was delicious!). The canneloni was really a beautiful dish. It was simple, yet elegant and all the flavors really complemented each other. We finished up the meal with the donuts with the chocolate ganache and lemon curd. The donuts were really good, puffy, not too sweet, not greasy, but they didn't go well with the chocolate or lemon. I thought the chocolate ganache and lemon curd were good on their own, but were somewhat out of place in this dessert.

              The best part of the meal was that Harold was dining with him mom and friends and I got to meet him! He's as nice in person as he was on the show. Overall it was a great experience and I would definitely go back!