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Nov 10, 2007 02:41 PM

Good Anaheim Eats?

My wife and I are coming to Anaheim for Thanksgiving week. We need suggestions for good eats in and around town: Mexican, seafood, barbecue, Vietnamese. Thai, Chinese, pizza, breakfasts, etc. Since we will have seven days in Anaheim, we're up for sampling lits of goodies. Please help.

Also, is there a place to buy low desert raisins and dates anywhere nearby? Or, do we have to schlep out to the Palm Springs area?


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  1. Mexican: Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen in Orange.
    Pizza: Marri's Pizza on Katella, near Disneyland
    Pizza/Italian: Angelo's and Vinci's in Fullerton
    Thai: Thai Nakorn in Stanton on Beach Blvd.
    Mexican: Taco Mesa on Chapman in Orange
    Hot Dog: PCH Hot Dogs, right across the street from Taco Mesa
    Lunch Sandwich 1: Orange Tree Deli in Orange
    Lunch Sandwich 2: Ralph's Subs on Tustin Ave in Orange

    That'll do ya..

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      can you describe Orange Tree Deli in Orange in more detail, ? not sure if i've been there or maybe it was called Mattern Deli.?????

      1. re: kevin

        Sure Kevin. Orange Tree Deli is a different place than Mattern, which is another great idea by the way.

        Orange Tree is on Lincoln, between Glassell and Orange Olive. It's a real nice deli, with great sandwiches and all the fixings, made the great pride and tlc. A very nice lunch indeed. The italian sub, oh man, maybe i should go over there tomorrow...

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          and i presume you already know about Hollingshead's Deli for dainty midwestern inspired sandwiches and a pretty swell selection of crafft beers on tap, oh, try not to naysay on the packers while yo're there.

      2. re: goodvibe61

        Pizza from Luigi's D'Italia blows Marri's out of the water... especially the sausage pizza.

        Best Viet -- Pho Thanh Lich, Vien Dong, Brodard

        Best Chinese actually in Anaheim -- either Ma's Islamic Chinese (get thin sesame bread) or Ten Ten Seafood.

        Best barbecue -- Johnny Rebs, Orange

        Best Mexican seafood -- Los Mochis

        Breakfasts -- Jagerhaus or Original Pancake House

        1. Oh, if you go up (north) on Harbor Blvd., there's a Costco where you can go and get great cheap eats from their concession. And nearby, there's a Henry's Marketplace where they *might* have your desert raisins & dates.

          And, for seafood, go to Taps in Fullerton for a great Sunday brunch.

          And if you can do dinner early, you might consider doing Yard House in Brea; they have a great happy hour appetizer selection at 1/2 price. There's also a great thread right now on the 100 best eats of OC.

          900 S Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA

          Henrys Marketplace
          1447 S Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA

          1. Mexican without a doubt...

            Los Sanchez in Garden Grove for authentic Sanora Style. Huge menu and huge portions! Well worth the money. Check out their website for location and menu.


            Also Taqueria Garcia in Anaheim. Don't expect sour cream or shredded American cheeses. It's authentic crema and queso fresca here. Their salsas, red and green, made from pan roasted chilis. I totally agree with the following reviews, click on link below. This is the real deal in authentic Mexican food. Location available on review site.



            Pho Nam Dinh in Garden Grove. You can see my review at City Search. You can find their location and see their menu at their website. Friendly staff, great fresh food, and easy on the pocket book.



            I was stationed in Thailand twice while serving in the Air Force. Believe me I know authentic Thai and it's Dee Dee Thai Lao in Anahiem. The little strip mall it's located in isn't much to talk about but once inside you'll forget about it. You'll be treated very nice by Pwee and Toon and enjoy a nice abience and really great food. See their web site below for location and menu.



            Country Family Cafe. Great throw back to the old fashioned neighborhood coffee shop/diner. Open for breakfast and lunch only. Owner and cook Javier and long time waiters and employees will treat you like family. Great American homestyle breakfasts and lunch items as well as some pretty darn good Mexican breakfasts as well. And you can't beat the prices. You can read my review (crt) on CFC as well at City Search link below. Address and phone number there also.



            Don't have a local hole in the wall favorite for pizza because we love Bucca Di Beppo's Neopolitan style of pizza. I do recommend their Garden Grove location. Have been going there for years. Always great service from a great staff!


            1. Oh...With regard for your request for raisins and dates. Tom's Farms on Euclid Ave.