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Nov 10, 2007 02:40 PM

visiting for the weekend from NYC

I have some of the best restaurants around me here in ny. But I want to be able to enjoy what SF has that nyc doesn't.
I have two nights and three days - what are my must-go-to brunch, lunch and dinners? from hole in the wall to fancy and exotic?
ps. there is a chinese rest that i've eaten at - the most popular it seemed in sf? i can't remember the name. help?

thank you so much!

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  1. Like NYC, this question gets asked quite a bit in SF and "best" is subjective. It's helpful to give some specific, such as: likes, dislikes, budget, location.

    Here's a start to give you ideas:

    1. Could the Chinese restaurant with the long lines be House of Nanking?

      1. i'm a new yorker (live in ct) and visit san francisco quite a lot. if you're pressed for time, consider incanto and quince for dinners. neither have direct manhattan counterparts. don't ratchet up expectations, rather, enjoy what these guys have to offer. you won't be disappointed.

        lunch is a subjective thing. tadich grill is ok if you work in the financial district and like a two-gimlet meal at the bar after 2 p.m.. i do. dim sum at yank sing is pretty good, too. interesting to me is a burger and string fries at zuni. a double double with onions and well-done fries at in-n-out is pretty good when paired with the ice tea or pink lemonade.

        like manhattan, san francisco has a lot of good food. walk around and see what works.