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Nov 10, 2007 02:15 PM

Taste Of Galilee (great Arabic food in DFW)

Don't know if anyone has ever tried a restaurant in Plano called Taste Of Galilee, but it's probably the best Arabic food I've had in the Dallas area. Actually, to be honest, it's probably the best Arabic food I've had, period.

It's Palestinian cuisine, so it's different than the majority of Arabic restaurants in the DFW area........I think the majority of restaurants here are Lebanese.

Anyway, the place is around Park & 75 in Plano, on the west/southbound service road, next to Fuddruckers and Cafe De France.

They have an all-you-can-eat buffet which is fantastic. If anyone here likes Fadis, this is miles and away better. Although, Fadis has more of a selection with all the different salads & veggies. For vegetarians, I'd say Fadis is the better place, but for overall quality of food, Taste Of Galilee blows Fadis away. It would be like comparing good, authentic home-made cuisine to a chain restaurant.

What I was impressed by was they would constantly make sure the food in the buffet was fresh. After a certain amount of time, when you go up to get more food, they'll ask you to wait 5 minutes for fresh food to come out, rather than get what's already on the table.......Their overall service was excellent, and the decor was refreshingly nice.

The buffet isn't a cheap $5 or $8 buffet, I think it's around $12 per person (Can't remember what the price for lunch buffet is).......Their menu itself seemed to be very reasonably priced, especially when considering the decor of the restaurant.

I highly recommend this place to anyone who's able to go to that area of Plano.

And speaking of Arabic food, I did try one of the places around Belt Line & 75, slightly on the east side. At first we went to some place directly off Main St E, I can't remember which restaurant it was, but they ran out of rice & drinks (Which I found really odd), and the service was woefully slow, so we went to a place off Polk called Sultan Cafe instead......The food was good, although I felt it was slightly over-priced. It wasn't as over-priced as Al-Amir (Which I think is ridiculous), but considering the portions we got, it wasn't reasonable. For instance, the menu said hummus is included with the main entrees, but they ended up charging us for the hummus separately......And the hummus was pretty small in terms of the amount given.

Also, it seemed like Sultan Cafe is targeted more for people who come in to smoke hookas.

I'm probably going to try a new restaurant around George Bush & Preston next, called Afghan Grill. I'll assume the cuisine will be similar to Persian food, and not like Arabic, as Afghans have a close lineage to the Persians and speak a different dialect of the same language.......It'll definitely be interesting to see what the food is like.

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  1. They also have a Foods From Galilee location in Snider Plaza in Dallas. Don't think they have the buffet, but same general food/owners.

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      1. I'm not an expert on Middle Eastern Food, but we have been eating at the Snider Plaza local for 10 yrs or so and I think the food is pretty good. BYOB is certainly a plus. The service is terrible. I know that Afrah in Richardson as been discussed here alot. The good news is they have added a lunch buffet which I had today and it was really, really good and I generally don't like buffets. The bad news the have done away with lunch specials which I thought was the best lunch deal in town. Anyway, I'd be interested to see how some of you think it compares to the Galilee buffet.

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