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lake placid thanksgiving recommendations?

Last year we had a nice dinner at the wawbeek but its gone...I suppose there is the mirror lake inn...any other thoughts? We're not adverse to traveling a bit...


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    1. My favorite restaurant in Lake Placid. Crap I can't think of the name. It is located on the top of the hill in the Price Chopper Plaza. It is a little italian place that has great food. If I was in Lake Placid on Thanksgiving and was looking for a place to eat, I would eat there.

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      1. Our ski gang is going to the Hilton for their annual Thanksgiving Brunch.
        There is lots of the good old staples,roast turkey,along with beef,fish,and many salads,ect.
        Frankly we've found it the best eating in Placid over the last 15 years for Thanksgiving Day.
        The Mirror Lake Inn buffet is way overpriced for what you get and we don't like the "stiff" atmosphere of the place.
        Their Cottage Restaurant ,across the street from the Mirror Lake Inn,is a much better choice but I don't think they are open for dinner on Thanksgiving day.
        No one up there has anything really special for Thanksgiving Dinner we've found.
        The Hilton,as I said,is the best of the bunch imo;lots of good food and fun with your gang.

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          thanks, I think I saw you suggest this before....we are having a hard time understanding how any hilton could have good food or provide a nice atmosphere but given the lack of choice, we may end up there.

          I hear you on the mirror lake inn...we ate there one year and I felt as you did. The wawbeek was really perfect. I guess once we get up there, we'll decide.

          thanks for the suggestion...best, jd

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            What I am saying is that the Hilton is the best of the bunch---for a brunch on Thanksgiving Day--- in the area for our large gang of skiiers.
            The turkey is well cooked,the salads are good,and the rest of the food is well-prepared.
            This is not a gourmet brunch in any respect but I think this is a good meal for the price with a large selection and a really nicestaff.
            You can hang around for some of the live entertainment they have in the Three Bears Lounge later that evening also.
            We usually try to reserve a table facing the downtown Main Street so we can look out onto Mirror Lake.
            You might try LaVeranda or the Interlaken Inn.
            We hang out at the Interlaken bar(the best in the area and eat off their great bar menu.
            I don't know if either of these places is open for Thanksgiving dinner at all;you'll have to call to find out.
            The Wawbeek was excellent but,alas,the Wawbeek has gone into private hands and is no longer a restaurant.
            I believe Adirondack Steak and Seafood,on Main Street across from the bandstand,is also serving a traditional Thanksgiving Day meal.
            One other possibility is to call the Lake Placid Chamber of Commerce and ask them what is open and what is closed.
            They may be able to help you as well.
            See you around town!

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              Thanksgiving dinner on the road has been a huge success. Growing up I had a huge family and thanksgiving dinner was a fiasco. The best and worst times of my life were centered around that meal. My warmest memories are of my grandma's feast smelling up the house for days around that celebration. I also remember my dad missing the day as his taste for wine and woman were heightened around that holiday. As I got older and began to travel I have been eating out thanksgiving . I find if I think out of the box I can find great meals on the road. Over the past 10 years or so I have been going to Lake PLacid for outdoor adventure and quite by accident after 3 days of snowshoeing I stumbled up to the Hilton one Thanksgiving. I didn't know it back then but I was looking for my own tradition and kind of looking for a traditional meal. My Tex/Mex Thanksgiving the year prior wasn't my best move....lol. To my utter amazement and delight the Hilton had what the doctor ordered. The complete and traditional offerings were delicious and plenty. Yes it is buffet and yes it's loud and somewhat crowded but again to my delight the staff was courteous and the food was hot fresh and plenty. For 24.99 a person it's a bargain. Turkey was juicy and the gravy was just like grandma. So was the mashed potatoes. The deserts were also delicious. They didn't rush us and afterwards we all sat and had a few cordials at the bar which has little living room style seatings. I can't speak to any other meal the hotel offers but if you like traditional Thanksgiving dinner and you're away from home this meal can't be beat. Remember I come from an era where all the woman in my family would cook for days every November and rarely have I even come close to that kind of cooking until now! Wowie!

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                the hilton has been replaced by the high peaks resort. The buffet has been very good, probably better than the hilton and the price this year is $24.95.

        2. This is the url from the Lake Placid News Website. Maybe this could help. It's not a complete list, but it hits the highlights. Good luck!


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            thanks! The interlaken was my first thought but they're closed as is the dog cafe. We've had mixed success at Steak and Seafood, but they will have a tday menu. One of our favorite places is the wilderness inn out near wilmington...I may give them a call.

            we'll be with young kids, so the Three Bears Lounge is probably not going to work...I dunno, we may very well end up at the hilton. If you see a parents chasing after three kids deconstructing the buffet, you'll know its me...my oldest can eat a lot. Are you skiing?

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              Our gang did the Hilton Brunch although I saw in the local paper that the Crowne Plaza had a $28.95 brunch as well.
              We all enjoyed the Hilton brunch but it's too much money for two trips up to the buffet,some good coffee,and a dessert run.($27/head)
              The place seemed deserted to us(we were there around 3PMish).
              I don't think they had a real crowd all day.
              We were at the Interlaken Wed. night and the bar menu was great.
              We were also there Friday night and we were not diappointed.
              Several people told us about the Wilderness Inn but no one mentioned if they were open for Thanksgiving dinner.
              Next year we're going to try another place around Placid for Thanksgiving dinner;by then Lake Placid Lodge should be rebuilt.
              We didn't ski.
              Went to Whiteface Friday but after all the rain Tues.-Thurs. afternoon the place was awash in ice.
              We don't ski diamonds;perhaps the trails were better up high.

              1. re: catnip

                In the end we decided on the Hilton and we were glad we listened to your advice. We have three kids, so the all in cost for our family was around $80 which we thought a terrific bargain. We had a nice view of the lake, the food was much better than our expectations.

                The Wilderness Inn was open for Thanksgiving but it was booked as was the steak and stinger. My wife and the kids had breakfast at charlies, the restaurant next to the golden arrow, and said it was expensive but fantastic. We ate at the Caribbean cowboy one night which is still great and we had a lunch at the brewery, which is worth it for the beer...the food was just ok.

                Thanks again for your suggestion, it was most appreciated and helped us enjoy the day.

                1. re: vinouspleasure

                  we're in the hunt again this year. Any ideas now that the hilton has closed? We're thinking about trying the crowne plaza or maybe the wilderness inn...

                  1. re: vinouspleasure

                    I"ve only had the banquet food at the crowne plaza and found it kinda blah. However, the bar in the lounge has a gorgeous view of the mountains and wouldn't be a bad place to stop for a drink.

                    My parents had a lovely dinner at the restaurant on the grounds of the crowne plaza. I don't remember the name, but it is right there in the parking lot.

          2. Hello again this year Vinous!(LOL)
            The Hilton is gone but we called the new place;the old Hilton, now s called The High Peaks Resort and their toll-free telephone number is 1.800-755-5598 and they told me they are having the Thanksgiving brunch (for $24.95/person)from 10:30AM-2:30PM.
            From 2:30ishP.M. on it's either going to be a Prixe Fixe Dinner or order off the menu for those who don't want to brunch.
            We called the Mirror Lake Inn and they want $59.95 per person for their Thanksgiving Brunch(check out their website) and there is nothing but ham and turkey on their menu.
            No seafood for that price!---I thught they were nuts!!!!
            Our ski gang is going up again for 5 days of food-eating and fun and we'll probably wind up at the High Peaks (again) this year.
            They are under new management(Hilton sold out to this High Peaks Group) so we'll see what they have to offer.
            We're not making any reservations this year;we'll decide where to go when we get there.
            We'll buy the local paper and they'll have Thanksgiving restaurant offers in there.
            The Crowne Plaza has a brunch but I don't know the price but I haven't heard anything good about their brunch,as well as Mirror Lake's, over the years.
            If worst comes to worst we'll try an out-of-town place----we hear the Wilderness Inn,on the way to Wilmington,N.Y. is good,but without reservations we figure the High Peaks will be available as last year they weren't even 1/2 full for their good brunch.
            Good luck to you ,as always,and we'll see you up there around town.!

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            1. re: catnip

              Hi Catnip, good to hear from you again, the high peaks sounds like its worth a try. We've eaten and stayed at the wilderness inn and its pretty good and well priced. We had thanksgiving at the mirror lake inn one year. the food was delicious if a little fussy but, as you point out, overpriced.

              I judged a bbq contest in lake placid and received these recommendations from someone that lives there:

              Interlaken Milano, Jimmy's as local favorites (in that order)
              Carribean Cowboy is good, but inconsistent.
              Noon Mark diner
              Player's for great burgers.
              Lisa G' for a great lunch

              we've liked the interlaken, carb cowboy and the noon mark is always our last stop on the way home for a couple of pies. we're going to try a couple of the others on the list this time up.

              Also, not sure if you attend the ice show but its become a family tradition for us. 50% discount with AAA makes it affordable.

              if you see a family being dragged around town by a big Australian shepherd, that would be us, hope you'll say hello.


              1. re: vinouspleasure

                The food at Jimmy's is okay, but when we visited, the place was filthy, grimy, sticky, just disgusting, everything from the salt shakers, menus, floors, tables, bathrooms, etc. No exaggeration, I've never encountered such sticky, grimy filth anywhere before. Service was bad, too. We've always had good meals at Caribbean Cowboy, and our best meals are always at the Brown Dog Cafe and Wine Bar for dinner. Interlaken is good, and the cottage across from the Mirror Lake in has good food in a casual atmosphere.

                1. re: vinouspleasure

                  Hi Vinous!
                  Wilderness is very good but I heard they are booked well in advance for Thanksgiving dinner.
                  We'll probably wind up at High Peaks also but when you get there buy a local paper and see if anything else strikes your fancy for Thanksgiving Dinner.
                  I suspect the place will be fairly vacant over the holiday as the economy is so bad.
                  Many friends of ours who own restaurants up there report business is way down.
                  We ate at the Hungry Trout in Wllmington the last time up there.
                  Really good trout served many different ways.
                  We'll be up at the Interlaken bar on 11/28 when they open;if they are even open .
                  I know they close for a week or so around that time.
                  They usually close Thanksgiving Day but their bar menu is very good and about 1/2 the price of their excellent dining room.
                  Eating at their bar is our favorite place to eat.
                  Their small bar overlooks their gardens and is really upscale and mostly for adults.
                  We usually do drinks at Jimmy's and at the Adirondack Steak and Seafood.
                  Adk. Steak and Seafood has great lunches and specials as well.
                  We've done Caribbean a couple of times and we've never been disappointed.
                  We did Noon Mark years ago but we don't get down to Keene often unless we're hiking in that direction.
                  Lisa G's does have grat lunches and we managed a stop there the last time up for a late dinner.
                  They serve dinner late and they are usually very crowded.
                  Little Italy in Saranc Lake is excellent for Italian.
                  They just moved and redid the old Burger King up there so we may try that as well next time up.
                  We've done ice shows up there for years but I hate to say it but once we've seen one triple-axle you've seen them all;at least for us.
                  We'd rather bar hop at night over to Adirondack Brewery and eat their outstanding burgers and drink their awesome Ubu Ale or sit over the Cottage across from the Mirror Lake Inn and watch the fire and look out onto the lake.
                  If you see a bearded guy wearing a CornellFootball hat that would be me!

              2. Hi Vinous!!!!
                Going to the High Peaks again this year for Thanksgiving Brunch?
                I tried to get reservations there all last week after someone on their staff told me that they would be taking reservations last week.
                Every time I called for reservations I got someone who had no clue about anything there.
                They really need to get their act together regarding when reservations are going to be taken!
                Mirror Lake Inn has their $59/head buffet again this year.
                Two folks we know who went there last year said that the buffet was mediocre at best and defintely not worth anywhere near $59/head.
                I guess Mirror Lake can screw you over for that price and they'll get enough "first-timers" each yr. to keep their buffet going although the folks we know said there weren't many people there last year----One can see why from the reports we've gotten about the buffet over the years.
                I thought Jim Luce and his staff did a great job with the buffet last year.
                They cut down the number of entrees and upped the quality of the food immensely.
                Hope to see you and the dog around town again this year.
                We'll be at the Interlaken for cocktails and dinner (at the bar and their bar menu)Friday night and then Caribbean Cowboy for a great dinner on Saturday night.
                Wish we had another night to spend there as Wilderness Inn puts on really good dinners as well but we just have a long weekend there this time around.
                Casa Del Sol over in Saranac Lake has reopened under a new owner(the old owner ,who ran a great place died a few yrs ago ,unfortunatly,but we hear the food is really great and their margaritas haven't changed a bit from their outstanding selves.
                Always-up-for-Lake Placid-Catnip

                Caribbean Cowboy
                89 Saranac Ln, Saranac Lake, NY 12983

                Casa Del Sol
                115 Broadway, Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677

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                1. re: catnip

                  Hey Catnip, I was just thinking about posting in this thread to see what's up this year and happily you beat me to it. Here's my take for this year:

                  - Mirror Inn - No way! The food was good but not worth anywhere near the price.
                  - High Peaks - We'd go back in a NY minute. The food was terrific and it was all reasonably priced (including the champagne).
                  - Carribean Cowboy - We'll probably go there friday night as the town gets pretty busy on sat.
                  - Interlaken - This our favorite restaurant in lake placid but we'll probably opt out because of the kids.
                  - Casa Del Sol - We haven't been, but this is the trip!
                  - Eat n Meet Grill, Saranac - Try this place for lunch, small, quiet, interesting food. You may not get a table though.
                  - Noon Mark - Our last stop on the way out of town, we load up on blackberry crumb pie!

                  let's update this thread as information comes available about the various thanksgiving day options.

                  Carribean Restaurant
                  1004 Main St Ste 2, Asbury Park, NJ 07712

                  Casa Del Sol
                  115 Broadway, Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677

                  1. re: vinouspleasure

                    Agreed on Mirror Lake Inn!
                    Way too expensive for what you get.
                    We're at High Peaks around 2:30pmish on Thanksgiving Day for what we'vebeen told is going to be another fine brunch with several new items and a few items that didn't sell so well deleted.
                    Interlaken is really more fo adults but if you go remember to eat in the bar.
                    Bar Menu is great and a lot less expensive than the main dining room.
                    Chef Richard's items are all really good however no matter where youeat in the place.
                    Will try Eat n Meet Grill this time up.
                    We usually just hang around the Blueberry Bakery and eat fresh pastries as they come out of the oven.
                    Reinard,the owner,runs a really first-class bakery(located next to the theatre) and his strudel is outstanding!
                    Don't know if we're staying over Saturday night at this point but if we do we may hit The Cottage ,acorss from the Mirror Lake Inn,for casual dining in a nice pub atmosphere.
                    So many good places;so little time to enjoy them all!
                    Will update,as per your suggestion,on other options.

                    1. re: catnip

                      I forgot, on a recent trip, to revisit the Downtown Diner for breakfast, sorry! We at at Chair 6 instead the whole weekend. There's always a next time. We tried Noonmark a couple of years ago and found nothing good to say about our experience, I can't imagine going back.

                      Chair 6
                      46 Sentinel Rd, Lake Placid, NY 12946

                      Downtown Diner
                      330 Main, Lake Placid, NY 12946

                      1. re: mcf

                        The Downtown Diner is still a good place to eat breakfast
                        We've only done breakfast there now and then.
                        We tried the Blue Moon Cafe again for breakfast in Saranac Lake the last time up a few weeks ago.
                        The place was local,far from clean, but the hash was home-made and very tasty.
                        They also made their own fresh breads daily and that makes up for a lot IMO.
                        We've had bad luck at Chair 6.
                        The food is good but we're usually there when the place is supposed to open in the morning and we've never seen the place open at 7;00 A.M. when they are supposed to open.
                        We've even gone back 1/2 hr. later and found them still closed.
                        Try Saranac Sourdough,across the street from the Howard Johnson's, for their home-made hash and eggs.
                        They also cook their own breads daily and they make some awesome salads to go.They open at 8;00A.M. and they are open at 8;00AM---LOL.

                        Chair 6
                        46 Sentinel Rd, Lake Placid, NY 12946

                        Downtown Diner
                        330 Main, Lake Placid, NY 12946

                        Howard Johnson
                        955 Hooper Ave, Toms River, NJ 08753

                        1. re: catnip

                          I love the Blue Moon, the serve yourself coffee and supply of newspapers. Food is good. We had a bit of a wait at Chair 6, but we never went that early, either. I've had only bad luck at Saranac Sourdough and have given it up; interminable waits after which we've had to clean our own tables, or had to bring the air pot to the counter and wait for refills and carry them back ourselves just to get a cup of coffee. Then eating with a lot of impatient folks waiting for tables glaring... I'm glad I didn't give a bad tip about Downtown Diner; we liked it a lot.

                          Chair 6
                          46 Sentinel Rd, Lake Placid, NY 12946

                          Downtown Diner
                          330 Main, Lake Placid, NY 12946

                          1. re: vinouspleasure

                            Yeah, I've heard that word, but we don't eat sugar, so I guess we hit the wrong place. :-)

                            1. re: mcf

                              Another good place to try is the Wilderness Inn on the road to Wilmington.
                              They used to have a really nice salad bar(something you can't even find in Lake Placid,or ,at least,we haven't been able to find in the area,and their meals are really good and reasonable.

                              LaVeranda is another high-end place to eat(up next to the Crowne Plaza).
                              We've always had really good food and service there.
                              Again,too many good places to eat and too little time to try them all.
                              We usually night-capat the Cottage.
                              They also have a good bar menu and we have lunch there now and then.
                              We really like the wraps at Adirondack Steak and Seafood and their baked maple apple and their outstanding clam chowder(loaded with clams)are great also.
                              For that really elegant view at a quiet bar we still think the Interlaken Inn is far and away the best adult place to go to.

                              1. re: mcf

                                that's too bad on the noon mark. The pie has been written up by gourmet and bob appetit. We stopped again on this trip. Good food, homemade bread, muffins and great pie at a reasonable price. Not haute cuisine but the place serves a purpose when you're on your way out of town around lunch time with 3 kids in tow.

                    2. well, the high peaks inn thanksgiving buffet was very good but didn't quite reach the heights of last year's feast. To my eye, they removed an entire table (or two?) from the buffet including smoked salmon and an array of salads. That said, everything on the buffet was well prepared and delicious. The dessert table was great again.

                      - we ate at cafe rustica for the first time this trip and thought it was great and fairly priced.
                      - we also tried chair 6 for breakfast for the first time and it was terrific. Very small place though, we got lucky and had no wait. Nice people.
                      - I'm afraid we may have had our last dinner at the Caribbean Cafe. Great drinks, good food, very nice people but the prices just seem out of hand for what's on the plate.. chicken or shrimp quesidilla for $22 (our kids like them) seems over the top. also, the menu needs updating, it was hard to find something interesting/new to try.
                      - afraid we didn't get to saranac due to the snow...next time.

                      catnip, what did you think of the buffet?

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                      1. re: vinouspleasure

                        I thought the buffet was great again.
                        We're not salmon eaters and Jim Luce told us that they removed items that did not move well last year.
                        I pigged out on that colossal shrimp station too many times.
                        I particularly liked what I thought was an expanded dessert station(dessert is my weakness!)---LOL.
                        The banana foster station was doing a brisk business from what we could see.
                        Also $24.95 for their buffet,in my opinion,was well-worth the price.
                        We got there around 2:30pmish and missed seeing you.
                        I talked to another couple who ate at the Mirror Lake Inn buffet and they said that they paid $59.95 apiece and that that buffet wasn't worth the price---but they did say that the buffet was packed so Mirror Lake must be doing something right I suppose.
                        We ate over at Casa Del Sol in Saranac Lake and the place,now run by a new owner,was as good as when the late owner ran the place a few years ago.
                        Lots of really tasty food on the plate and very inexpensive Margaritas.
                        We did breakfast every morning at the Blueberry Bakery next to the theatre and we just love fresh scones and muffins.
                        The apple strudel was great and we took a lot of tarts and strudel home to enjoy.
                        Nothing beats fresh coffee and breakfast pastries for us.
                        Also Blueberry opened at 7:00AM which we really liked.
                        Chair 6 is good but we haven't eaten there in a while because of their not being open when their sign says they are supposed to be open and Charlie's,which is run by the same person ,is closing we were told.
                        Supposedly his lease is not being renewed.
                        There have been man,many restaurants where Charlie's is over the years.
                        The location is great but we've heard(rumors) that landlords are the problem for the turnover in tenants.
                        Too bad because Charlie's was pretty good.
                        I see the Charcoal Pit is torn down.
                        I wonder if another restaurant is going to be built there.
                        Pete's Steakhouse,across from Adirondack Steak and Seafood is for sale I saw on a real estate brochure.
                        The turnover in Lake Placid over the years of restaurants is truly amazing imo.
                        We did Adirodack Steak and Seafood for lunches.
                        Their baked apple and clam chowder(two of their specialties) were just great.
                        Their wraps were huge also and being a micro-pub we had some new varieties of their award-winning beers to go along with the wraps.
                        We didn't do the Cowboy and Rustica is still on our list of "to try" places.
                        We did "night-caps" at the High peaks first-floor bar and over at the cottage;both were really a lot of fun.
                        Too many good place and too little time to try more places.
                        The 1" of wet snow Friday didn't deter us from going over to Saranac to Casa.
                        Catch you next year!

                        1. re: vinouspleasure

                          My reaction to Caribbean Cowboy this trip mirrors yours a bit. I liked it, but the menu needs a bit more wow on the plate for the price. Haven't tried Casa Rustica yet, but will make a point of it next time.