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Nov 10, 2007 01:10 PM

Looking for a good restaurant for Thanksgiving Day In Melbourne, FL

Hi! I usually make Thanksgiving Dinner for my family, but my husband wanted to try something different. He wanted to try going out for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant. Does anyone know of any restaurants in the Melbourne, Fl area that offers this? Thanks!

Indialantic, FL

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  1. I can't imagine any restaurant that's open on Thanksgiving wouldn't have the traditional turkey dinner on it's menu. All the restuarants in the hotels on A1A usually have a buffet with the traditional sides.

    1. Foreman's is a nice place. Good food, good service. Not sure if open on Thanksgiving. I am amazed at how many places are closed for the Holidays in Melbourne! Of course I could go to Dixie Crossroads anytime for rock shrimp!!! :-) And, New England Eatery. Ya didn't ask but thought I'd mention. Wagon Wheel is the BEST pizza in town!!!

      1. The Chart House would be my choice. Great food, and unbeatable views!!

        1. I saw in today's paper that both Pineda Crossing ( ) and Cafe Margaux ( ) up in Cocoa are doing Thanksgiving.

          1. I know the Chart House Restaurant is open and serving Thanksgiving Dinner. Have to make reservations though.

            Just heard Duffy's is only serving Thanksgiving dinner that day. Not their regular dinner.