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Nov 10, 2007 01:04 PM

dim sum tomorrow; which place, and i can get some greens right?

hey everyone, not to sound like a broken record, but i'm looking to do the dim sum experience in flushing tomorrow and am trying to decide on ocean jewel, east/gala manor or gum fung, or whatever it's been renamed. does it really matter, cuz i mean i'm no expert and neither are my friends so i would think it's all good. am i wrong? and are there any i mentioned that should be avoided because of cleanliness issues? also, last time i had dim sum we had some chinese broccoli; i should be able to get some of this right? id like to eat at least one healthy thing...thanks for any and all info, happy eating!

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  1. They are all similar and you needn't be fearful of any. You also can get bok choy, mustard greens or brocolli rabe, or at least one of them. Order it from the captains who speak English if no carts carry them Most servers don't speak English Enjoy.

    1. Gum Fung is closed, It's a different Chinese restaurant now. Their dim sum is about mediocre to average. Tried their dinner once, they were having a banquet and the service was totally scattered. Asked 3 people for a table, didn't get one, got a bunch of BS from them tho.

      Ocean Jewel is my favorite place. Gala Manor is a close second. Ocean Jewel is slightly cheaper and has more selections.

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        yeah we ended up @ ocean jewel, and were happy we did. i had called earlier in the morning and made reservations, which ended up being a good thing because we only ended up waiting about 5 minutes although we were almost an hour late (and it was packed). it only was 2 of us so we didn't get to sample as many things as i would have liked, but no sooner had i taken off my jacket and i had some shrimp rice flour rolls in front of me. they were good, nothing outstanding, but i ate almost eat all of them. that was soon followed by some kind of dumpling that had cooked carrots, celery and little glass noodles but wasn't sure what kind of meat it was (it tasted a bit peppery, but i liked it). my friend who doesn't like shrimp had these veggie dumplings that had these awesome mushrooms in it and we also ordered some chinese broccoli that we both really enjoyed. we were both approaching fullness at that point, but i wanted to get some steamed pork buns so my friend could try it, so i asked one of the captains and we got an order a few minutes later (the staff there were very nice and accommodating, which was a nice change of pace). my friend loved the pork buns; they had just the right about of sweetness against the doughiness of the bun itself, but i wanted the ones that are more savory than sweet. are there both sweet and salty pork buns, cuz i'd like to know for next time! in all it was a great experience and would like to go back to try what i missed.

        1. re: unocal

          Hey Unocal,
          I wasn't that impressed by O.J. when I went, but I'm glad to hear you had a good time. In my book Gum Fung was the best Flushing dim sum joint what made it stand out was the abundance of special plates like baby octopus in sweet sauce and shrimp fried in the shell. A close runner up is Tung Yi Fung Not so many special plates, but truly wonderful dumplings.

          Keep on smokin',
          Joey Deckle

        2. re: Milton

          Went to Jade Asian today (formerly Gum Fung). Overall, I'd say that the quality of what they serve is just about the same as formerly, but the variety seemed a little smaller. We missed some things we'd had in the past such as the shrimp in shell, the fried cylinders stuffed w/shrimp, the green chiles stuffed w/pork.

          Some in our party, however, thought some of the dishes were a little better than Gum Fung.

          It was packed by noon, with a line. Prices seem just about the same as formerly. Many of the same servers pushing carts, which seemed to me a little slower coming around. The room is cleaned up a little, and the nasty bathrooms are a lot better.

          Overall, still our favorite dim sum in Flushing.