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Nov 10, 2007 12:58 PM

Please Critique my Port St Lucie (& Vicinity) List

Hey gang

It's time for my annual pilgrimage to PSL. You guys were great last year. This year, I've been following you closely and have compiled the following list...please let me know what you think...

Me: Foodie. But likes "food for the people." The first choice should make that clear! I am keen to get some Japanese recommendations, as well as Cuban and Vietnamese. Also, most specifically, I'm flying into Orlando, so a dim sum recommendation in Orlando would be GREAT. (I think I know what you'l recommend, but I just want to double-check.)

OK--so here's what I have on my to-do list...
Fredgies Hot Dog wagon in the parking lot of the Snook Nook Bait and Tackle Shop in Jensen Beach

Prawnbroker in Fort Meyers for seafood.

Crawdaddy's in Jensen Beach for seafood. Particularly the chowder.

Bistro Madeleine in PSL for breakfast.

El Cubanito in PSL. Call ahead for the paella.

Peter's Steak House in Jensen Beach for steaks and a touch of Brooklyn, by way of Austria.

The Flagler Grill in Stuart for a casual but fancy dinner.

Seminole Inn in Indiantown for a nice brunch.

The Black Marlin in Stuart for a casual dinner.

Monkey King in Stuart for local beer! I can't wait. I love local beer.

Ian's Tropical Grill in Jensen Beach for Old Florida and 40% of wine on Thursdays! (Found that tidbit in the Palm Beach Post.)

Delmonico's in PSL. My mom always wants to take me here anyhow. Sweet potato fries, I know.

So that's all I've got. Would love tweaks, replacements, other suggestions, etc. I LOVE local beer and local food. (I think one of the best things about living in England is the emphasis on "eat local." So if you have recs for farmers markets or farm stands or anything market-like, please let me know that too. If you don't want to write an essay on the boards, e-mail via my blog on my About page. You'll find the link to my blog on my profile.)

Cheers, as they say here!

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  1. Conchy Joe's Seafood - 3945 Northeast Indian River Drive, Jensen Beach
    Casa Bella - 512 West 3rd St., Stuart, FL

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    1. re: 2top

      Thanks, 2top. Will definitely add to the list. I've heard good things about Conchy Joe's before.

      Any other thoughts, CH'ers?

    2. Do not miss Jan's in "downtown" Jensen Beach for breakfast. We spend a week in Stuart every winter and bike to Jan's most mornings. It was out of commission a year or so because of hurricane damage but they reopened in 2006 and it's better than before.

      My company owns an estate in Sewall's Point near Stuart (that's why I get to spend a week there each year) and occasionally we have a business meeting there. Several times our group of 10 went to the Flagler Grill but no more; we felt that when you pay $32 for a steak and have to send it back because it was overdone and dry, it's poor value for the money. Good bar, though, one of the best in town.

      Thanks for the tip on the Cuban place. Generally we've taken one day out of the six we have and driven to West Palm Beach for our annual Cuban fix. Maybe we'll see the place in PSL instead.

      Never had sushi in Stuart because we eat it all the time up in DC and Baltimore.

      Finally, Dale's Barbeque in Fort Pierce (Route 1, south end of town) is a MUST unless you are unable to eat pork. This is the real thing, authentic pit-cooked, big ribs, not those silly baby backs, cold beer, beaten-up benches, irreplaceable.

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      1. re: jkosnett

        Ah, this Dale's BBQ places sounds very intriguing...right up my alley! Must give it a shot.

        1. re: kristainlondon

          yes, unlike anything in the UK, I guess. One of my favorite places in London is the S&M Cafe in Spitalfields. We don't have that sort of place here in the USA. Maybe we can make a trade...

          Dale's is closed on Sundays, by the way..


        2. re: jkosnett

          thought you would like to know Jan's has moved this past month. It is on the Island now and is open for dinner also, plus right on the ocean.

          1. re: jandariley

            Where, exactly, is it, relative to the Stuart or Jensen Beach causeways? Can we still bike there from Sewalls Point? And after all that work to rebuild the original location, why move? We'll be there in four weeks, BTW.

          2. re: jkosnett

            Flagler Grill has new owners. We're waiting for it to open. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Riverwalk Cafe around the corner from Black Marlin.

          3. Someone suggested Casa Bella, but I've found that they've gone downhill in the last couple years.

            There's a great Vietnamese place in PSL- it's on US1 in a strip mall and is basically a hole in the wall, but it's pretty good. Called Double Dragon.
            Courtine's in Stuart is terrific- continental.
            The Bistro in a plaza off US1 in Jupiter.
            I had Dale's food at a housewarming party and it was pretty terrific- pulled pork and cole slaw.

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            1. re: twinmommy

              Everything in PSL is on US 1 in a strip mall! -;)

            2. I noticed you mentioned the Prawnbroker on the west coast. There is a Prawnbroker in Sewall Point, same owners. My daughter works there as the chef. They are the same people that own the Black Marlin, you should give it a try.

              1. for a great farm stand, try the one on Indian River Drive in Jensen Beach

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                1. re: jandariley

                  Jan's is up almost to the Fort Pierce Inlet now, so no biking from Sewalls Point.

                  The place in Indiantown is quite a distance to go.

                  I agree that Flagler Grill is over priced and under served, I would second Courtines for a substitute.

                  Conchy Joe's is a great place but not for the food.

                  I was also disappointed with Casa Bella a couple of months ago

                  1. re: sarge

                    Take note that Fredgies is closed on Mondays and sometimes on Tuesdays

                    1. re: sarge

                      I am most disappointed to report that after a change in ownership, Fredgie's quality has diminished to an unacceptable level