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Nov 10, 2007 11:10 AM

Surprised by great pizza in Wakefield! (Toody's)

Toody's which is an old standby for subs for a lot of people (they have apparently been proclaimed by the state of MA as the inventors of the sub sandwich) has recently added what they tout as "authentic North End thin crust pizza". Went in knowing that that doesnt really exist around here, but we were in for a very pleasant surprise! For about 10 bucks plus 1.50 for toppings, they make a really excellent thin crust with nice crispy but puffy and eatable edges, with a mild sauce, fresh melt in your mouth mozz., and a great little pool of orange tinted oil floating on the top. We had half cheese and half onion/mushroom and the shrooms were fresh and yummy and onions perfect and sweet. We dont like breaking teeth so we ordered it slightly undercooked and it was perfect, and still browned. Nice and foldable if you are a New Yorker. The kids that work there are very sweet and proud of their pizza. One of them said he only likes Reginas and Toodys except that Reginas is often too burnt and I agree. The owner was right there too and was commenting on the inconsistency of pizzas at some of the well known places, so i am hoping that means that they try to keep it consistently good there... They obviously know good pizza. It was very satisfying.

Havent been this happy with pizza since discovering Flatbread Company in Bedford.
And Theresas in Middleton isnt bad either.. North Shore pizza is picking up..
I have liked pizza at other North Shore places but have found them to be inconsistent from visit to visit. But if you hit a good day you can usually get decent pizza at Toscana in Peabody, Carusos in Danvers, and Bostonville Grille in Lynnefield(but their bad days out weigh their good days by far so i gave up. First time was very good tho).Faucis in Lynn has best sicilian slices.

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  1. Well that's really interesting. Toody's has been in that location for years and I know quite a few people who love their subs. Now, I have to try the pizzas. Is the place under new ownership, or are they simply branching out?

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      I believe it's the same owners, since they have the proclamations there about being the inventors of the sub, but they did move locations this year so you have to go down the street a couple of blocks from the old location. I think it was Daddy's Donuts. It's bigger than the old place and has nice comfortable booth seating and tin ceilings. Still counter service, but more conducive to eating there than the old place. The owner said they had a place in Haverill which served pizza and closed so they put the pizza oven in the Wakefield location. Enjoy the pizza! We did...

    2. And now there is also Angela's coal-fired oven baked pizza on Rte 1 north in Saugus. My preliminary tastings are very favorable. More to come before I venture a deeper opinion.

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        nope, after Toody's we were very disapointed by Angelas, and we had so looked forward to it. Toodys is more old school, but tastier and half the price. Angelas is no doubt healthier with sauce instead of oil on top of the cheese, but if i want new school, healthier pizza I would totally opt for Flatbread Co. in Bedford over Angelas. Salad is 4 bucks at Toodys vs 9 bucks at Angelas although the oil and vinegar at Angelas is nice and fresh and Toodays is Ken's... But I would still love to hear from others who have tried both places...

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          As I noted in the other thread, if you are looking for underdone pizza, coal-fired is probably not for you.

      2. Every time I go by Toody's I have been curious to try their pizza. Now I have reason to go in:)

        Another very pleasant surprise, also in Wakefield, is Greg's Pizza (in the same plaza as Meltharbe's Ice cream). It is thick crust pizza and their seafood pizza is to die for!!! Very fresh scallops and shrimp. It will be nice to have a choice of both thin and thick crust.

        1. I went last week (Toody's, that is) and loved my pizza. Thanks for the recommendation. I should mention that they just changed hours of operation and now close at 7PM weeknights, so go early.

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          1. re: almansa

            almansa, so glad someone else finally tried it and glad you loved it! We tried again to see if it held up a second time and it did! All the ingredients are so well done. The cheese tastes like mozz with some good parm thrown in for increased flavor and the sauce is old school mild and nice rich pure tomato taste. No oregano, spices or acid..
            crust is great. We put butter on the edges and ate it like hot bread. Onions were sweet, and nice amount of oil on the cheese. And the 4.95 salad is huge and fresh with carrots and olives. It's pretty much equivalent to the 10$ Angela's salad except you have to like Ken's salad dressings so I admit that I like the Angela's mild homemade oil and vinegar better.. but not for 5 bucks more.. btw, karl, thanks for the info but Angela's did great with undercooking the coal fired so that wasnt a problem. Actually the first thing they tell you is that their pizza is well done and then they recommend asking for undercooked if you dont like it too dark. Their crust was very good undercooked, and I imagine it's still good well done.

            1. re: chompie

              I understand you can get it undercooked, but coal-fired pizza tastes lamer undercooked compared to properly cooked - it's not really designed to be presented that way, and is only made that way on request.

              My coal-fired pizza fanatic brother (he travels about 3000 miles a year in pursuit of his grail) and I were very impressed by the pie (and the wings) at Angela's. The meatball is notable for being fully flavored, unlike the hamburger balls that pass for meatball elsewhere.

          2. The meatballs here are very good.