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Nov 10, 2007 10:57 AM

How far ahead can I make my Thanksgiving pies?

OK, so I've been searching all over the 'net and my cookbooks and I still don't feel confident about answers I'm finding - here's my deal: I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year and I want to make pies in addition to everything else. I have one oven and limited time/energy, so I'd like to prep some stuff ahead. I'm making an apple, a pumpkin and a pecan pie. What do you think is the best do-ahead strategy for the pies? Can I make and bake them all on Tues. and store in the fridge? Will crusts get soggy? Better to suck it up and bake them Wed. night? Unless I get up in the middle of the night (always a possiblity, trust me!), I don't think that making them on Thurs. is practical . . . .

We all love pie and so how they taste is very impt. - but so is my sanity - help me out, please!

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  1. Most pies can be frozen before baking. Just put them in the oven while they're still frozen and add about 20 minutes to the baking time. This can actually be to your advantage, since it crisps up the bottom crust and keeps it from getting soggy. If you bake them and then put them in the fridge, the crusts probably will get soggy.

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      Specifically, you can freeze the apple and pecan pies (unbaked!) - but not the pumpkin. Crusts will indeed get soggy if you bake ahead and then freeze or refrigerate.