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Nov 10, 2007 10:37 AM

Zucker's in Tribeca finally open

Just returned from lunch at Zucker's Original Bagels and Smoked Fish on Chambers St. in Tribeca. It finally opened this weekend! I believe it is owned by someone affiliated with Murray's bagels. The menu is mainly smoked fish, but I did notice pastrami listed on the menu. Speaking of the menu, it is written in white on a mirror behind the counter and is practically impossible to read because of glare from the lighting, but hopefully that will get worked out. Also, prices would be nice. There are no prices listed anywhere yet, and when I overheard a customer ask about the salmon prices, he was told they didn't have prices printed yet. Judging from the crowd there, people didn't seem too concerned with that though..

Had a bagel sandwich with Sturgeon and cream cheese, spinach knish and large mushroom barley soup. With a water, it came to $22. They kept the bagel open faced and really piled on the sturgeon, which was delicious. The bagel tasted just like Murray's bagels, which is fine with me. The soup was really great, very fresh tasting. I'll definitely be back to try their other fish. A lot.

This place is bound to be a success. There is such a dearth of casual, affordable eateries in the neighborhood. There were a lot of families today, and I imagine will get lots of students during the week on their way to the Manhattan community college a few blocks down. Overall, a great addition to the neighborhood.

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