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Nov 10, 2007 10:15 AM

Green bean casserole w/o mushroom soup

My SIL loves this dish, but I was force fed cream of mushroom soup as a child, and frankly it makes me gag just to look at it. Can I make this w/o that, and especially without mushrooms? Could I use cream of chicken soup, or cream of celery? Of course, I will ask him if the mushrooms are a deal breaker, If they are I will make it but not eat it!

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  1. The mushrooms can be good if done right. I made this last year by sauteing fresh crimini mushrooms in butter sprinkle them with a little flour while doing this. Then I added white wine and a little bit of good chix stock. Blanch the green beans and add them to this. Put in a dish and sprinkle with the requisite fried onions. I too do not like my mushrooms drenched in cream.

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      I forgot to say you should reduce the chix stock and wine for a bit until it thickens a little. Probably about 1 cup of wine and 2 cups of good stock per pound of beans.

    2. Try one of these. I can't imagine why you couldn't leave out the mushrooms.

      1. The South Beach Diet cookbook (the orange one) has a recipe for "homestyle green bean casserole" that looks like a better version of the canned-soup-glop one. It actually has you make baked onion rings to put on top. Then you saute onions and mushrooms and make a white sauce with them, and stir in the beans.

        1. the pioneer woman does a "Spanish" tomato/greenbean/bacon and onion thing:

          (Note feel free to use fresh produce. She lives in the MON and use of pantry items is her schtick.)

          1. If you want that traditional casserole, yes you can make it with cream of chicken or celery, or asparagus. I have to make if for my family, I don't use the cream of mushroom, I use the above. But what makes it better is to add about 2 large onions, and garlic (add the garlic last don't burn it) saute until they are carmelized, and then add that to the soup with cream and sherry - 1/3 cup good sherry to the onions will ensure the alcohol cooks off.

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              TY! I'm deadly allergic to mushrooms and wanted to try something new so will try the tradition recipe with my home made cream of celery soup and love the idea of caramelized onions! A little cram and sherry sounds yummy too!