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Nov 10, 2007 10:05 AM

Turducken in Austin?

A friend was asking me if I knew where he could get a Turducken in Austin. He thought he'd got one at Randall's a couple of years ago but they don't have any now, but occasionally get them.

The concept sounds interesting. If they are to be had in Austin I'll have to try one.


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  1. Both Central Market and Hole Foods had them last year. If you don't see them, ask.

    1. Does anyone know if a restaurant is offering Turducken for the holidays or otherwise?

      Likewise does anyone know of any first rate Thankgiving dinners offered by any of our top kitchens?

      1. I had one from Central Market a couple of years ago; it was one of the pre-made ones, as opposed to the ones they make fresh to order, and it was kind of dry and tasteless. I don't know if the to-order ones are better (they're more expensive) but I wouldn't get another one of the ones I had.

        1. I don't want to make a turducken, I just want to try one. Does anyone know where they have it on the menu?

          1. I just saw the Tony Cachere's ones at Wal-Mart yesterday (Ben White and I-35 location)

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