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Nov 10, 2007 10:01 AM

Food Show?

When and where is the food show? Thanks

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  1. It's usually at Jacob Javitz center. Not sure when, but I can ask my wife. It's invite only, I believe.

    1. It is at the Jacob Javits. It's for the industry. If you have a business card and id you can buy a ticket. It's not just food though. They have equipment, software, smallwares, etc. It's always a good time!

      1. The food show that runs at the Javitt's Center is offically called The Fancy Food Show. The group that puts it on- it's called something like the Specialty Food Assoc- puts on several a year, but only one is held in New York. It's always in July. Yes, it's amazing- hundreds upon hundres of booths of every food imaginable. Very little to actually buy and take home- since it's for the industry, what they're after are large orders. But lots of samples.

        I'm guessing the original poster is attending the Chocolate Show at the Metropolitain Pavillion.