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Nov 10, 2007 09:52 AM

Kahuna's Icehouse

About 2 weeks ago I placed a to-go order at the newly opened Kahuna’s Icehouse in Austin (on 620 near hwy. 71). We ordered a Kahuna Caesar salad with Chicken, a Bleu Cheese Breeze burger and a side of fries.

When I got the order home we discovered that there was no Chicken in the salad. I called and asked for the manager and explained what happened. She apologized, acknowledged her error said that either I could come back and get the $3 or she would issue a credit for our next order. Not wanting to drive back over there I opted for the credit. The burger was very good; angus beef and crumbly bleu cheese topped with a few onion rings. It was a little soggy from being wrapped up but I bet it’s even better when eaten in-house. The hand-cut fries were cooked and seasoned just the way I like them. Mrs. B enjoyed her salad sans chicken.

Fast forward 10 days later, let’s get my $3 back! Besides, I enjoyed the burger and fries and we really don’t have a lot of options out this way. I decided to try the Waikiki wings this time around. 10 wings, hot lava, with a side of fries and another Kahuna Caesar (with Chicken, hopefully).

I get to the counter and explain what happened last time. The guy behind the counter has to speak to the manager. I prep myself for a potential argument. The man returns, hands me the bag and says “it’s on us this time.” Wow, that was really unexpected and appreciated. I had previously thought to myself that’s what they should do but I’m not the type to ask for freebies.

The hot lava wings were good, very big and meaty, though I prefer my buffalo-style wings not to be breaded. They were good however (HOT) and the wife enjoyed her salad, this time with Chicken.

I hope this place succeeds. Next up we will try the pizzas.


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  1. Went last night and had the wings in lemon pepper- amazing. There wasn't any grease, intense flavor. I'd say they were the idea wing, and I don't even like my fried either. They table next to us ordered salads and they looked great too- fresh, nicely arranged, good ingredients.

    Let's keep this place in business!

    1. Ok, tried the pizzas last weekend and they were..underwhelming. Not bad by any stretch but I will stick to the burgers, wings and fries in the future.

      The pies are 10" "personal" pizzas. We got one plain (cheese) and one BBQ chicken. I liked the BBQ pizza because it had tomato sauce as opposed to BBQ sauce which can tend to overwhelm the other ingredients. I ate too much and had plenty left over which was eaten the next day, so it couldn't have been that bad. Not Gatti's bad at least (the only pizza that I've ever thrown away).

      1. Three of us went to Kahuna's today. We were looking for something casual and thought we should give it a try.

        We started with the fried pickles. The first taste was good but, after that, the build up of not too fresh oil was unmistakable. The dipping sauce that was served was not appetizing (I think it was ranch with some mild wing sauce... it was pink and rather flavorless).

        I liked the burger fine. They said they would serve it medium rare and, of course, it was well done. Pretty sad that they lie about it, but expect that from most places now so that really isn't a determining factor for me at a casual place. The beef was juicy and seasoned with a good bit of pepper, which I really like on beef. The lettuce, tomato etc. was very fresh and not just filler. Very good... I ordered it "all the way" and it was served dry. I asked for mayo and mustard and the server grabbed mustard off another table and went about her other tasks until I tracked her down and she picked up the mayo which she had ordered but forgotten about. The fries looked good but were cooked in the same icky oil that the pickles were fried in and just had an off taste to me.

        The not picky one of us ordered a chicken sandwich with fries. He said it was OK and finished his meal.

        Contestant number three ordered the medium Buffalo wings. Unfortunately for her, they used a good amount of black pepper in the preparation which she had already made clear she did not like. I had one, which I liked. It was large and tender but too mild.

        The server was personable but, due to under staffing and a healthy crowd, she was unable to do her job competently. We were getting our own iced tea refills, napkins, etc. We did leave 15% but my companions didn't think we should. Like I said, I could not see that the issues were really her fault.

        The best part, though, was the nasty looking Goth couple that seated themselves directly in my sight. They were displaying such truly distasteful behavior that we could only conclude marginal brain function going on there. We got up and left as soon as their food arrived as we could only guess what it would be like seeing them actually eat food and the thought was repulsive.

        Bottom line... if I happen to be in the area with limited options, I could possibly give it another try. Otherwise, there is nothing that could inspire me to return ever.