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Nov 10, 2007 09:40 AM

Making gravy from turkey wings

This year we will have a brined turkey as we have the last few years. But it's not really thanksgiving without good gravy. I saw that someone on the board mentioned making gravy from turkey wings. How does that work? Is it like regular gravy? Any advice?

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  1. Cook's Illustrated has a great recipe for a make-ahead gravy that does not depend on turkey drippings. It's even been printed in newspapers so I'm sure there is a link for it available. Sorry, I am no good at providing links. You could use the wings to make the broth needed in the recipe. This gravy even freezes well. One caution: the browning of the vegetables takes twice as long as the recipe indicates.

      1. re: Rubee

        This sounds like it will do the trick. Think I can do it a day ahead? I think I'll order the wings ahead. Last year I was looking for wings right before thanksgiving and there were none to be found. I was kind of surprised. So what about making a day ahead?

        1. re: karykat

          You can definitely make it a day ahead. I actually make gravy a couple of weeks ahead because you can freeze it.

      2. I'm puzzled: You can certainly make gravy from a brined turkey? Or is the point that you're buying the bird already cooked?

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          No, we're roasting it. But I thought the gravy might be too salty if made from the brined turkey drippings.
          (Thanks for the tip on making the gravy ahead, Rubee.)

        2. This is one I posted previously; it's from Women's Day:

          We add a dash of water to the roasting pan and cover it to keep the onions from burning. Don't add any salt until the end and only after testing. Dried thyme seems to work best and it improves a lot if made a few days early and refrigerated. The resulting wings are heaven!

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            Excellent. Thanks much. This one and the other one will do the trick.

          2. Here's the recipe I've used for the last few years, I make it a couple of days ahead just to reduce the madness of t-day. Double the recipe at least.