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Nov 10, 2007 08:42 AM

First date in Greenpoint?

Going on a first date to a concert in Greenpoint, and we're meeting up to eat before hand. Have never been to the neighborhood, not much of an idea of what to expect, but looking for someplace conducive to a first date. Nice (as in clean) but not fancy, decently priced and with good food. Really just a bite to eat before the show, so someplace fairly simple. Where does everyone like to eat out in Greenpoint?

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  1. Amarin cafe makes decent thai. Its BYOB and on the corner of Bedford and Manhattan.
    Also nearby is the Luncheonette, on corner of Lorimer near McCarren Park.

    Other places to eat in GP include Casa Mon Amour on Franklin, Lamb and Jaffy on Manhattan Ave, Christina's (polish diner) on Manhattan Ave, and Paloma, on Greenpoint Ave.

    If you don't like those choices, seriously, Williamsburg isn't that far. Neither is Long Island City. You can stroll from Long Island City to Williamsburg in about 45 minutes.

    1. Lomzynianka. I've actually used it for this. The food is amazing, cheap and the decor is so strange that it gives you an instant conversation topic. If you went there before hipsters decided that Polish food was cool too, then you would also get asked "How did you find a place like this???" but no, it's no longer a 99.9% Polish crowd.

      1. Queen's Hideaway on Franklin Street...a bit edgy, but outstanding quality. Create your own romance.

        1. This may be too late, but Brooklyn Label is a very safe bet for this sort of occasion, and the food is consistently satisfying.