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Nov 10, 2007 08:06 AM

Tequila bar rec?

Heya all,

The wife and I are looking to head to a tequila bar tonight. We have been to Ole and Rudy's many times since we live nearby and want to try a new place.

Tequila selection is the first priority. Food is secondary as we can eat before but that’s a bonus. Out of Boston is ok, say 30-40 min drive.

Any recs appreciated!

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  1. La Verdad has a very large tequila selection. I believe Masa does as well.

    1. I haven't been yet, but the Intercontinental on the waterfront (Atlantatic Ave) has a tequila bar (and sushi!) - called Sushi Teq with 70+ kinds of tequila.

      1. A new place called Mezcal just opened on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, and bills itself as a tequila bar. It looked promising but can't personally vouch for it. Lots of other places to eat nearby if you decide to just go for drinks.

        1. Masa in the South End has a pretty broad tequila selection, close to 100, most of them 100% pure agave tequilas, very little of that mixto BS. Avoid the house specialty "Masarita", an abomination. I like the fact that they carry Cazadores and El Tesoro, my two favorite budget-priced blancos.

          1. I'm probably too late for you but Sunset Cantina has at least 70 tequilas (one review said 100). It's across from BU, has typical beer-bar food, and is sort of a young crowd, but it does have a remarkable tequila selection.